Hello! I’m Apostolia!

April 14, 2017
It took me quite some time to decide what my first blog post should be! It's like meeting y'all for the first time, so I have to introduce myself... Right?

Hello, world!

This is actually my very first blog post! So exciting! But what should I write about? Maybe an introduction? Yep, I think this is it. It’s like I’m meeting you all for the very first time, so I have to introduce myself… Right?

Let’s go!

My name is Apostolia.

A little weird looking I know, but I got this name from my grandma. It’s actually a Biblical name. It’s referring to the twelve apostles. I didn’t really like it as a kid, but now I love it because it’s unique!

I’m from Greece!

Yep, I’m from beautiful and sunny Greece! One of the most beautiful countries in the world! Things are quite tough in here, but I really love my country! I guess you will love to hear what life’s like in our part of the world.

I’m 23 years old.

I was born back in 1995 in a small town called Volos. I grew up there until the age of 15. Then we moved to another small town called Chalkida and this is where I live until now.

I’m currently unemployed. (not anymore!)

I was studying computing (Multimedia and Web Design) but I decided to work and study at the same time to pay the tuition fees. I’ve been working in several cafes, as a waitress. But here in Greece finding a job that lasts, is kinda hard. So I attended only one year (I plan to graduate sometime, but for sure not this year.) Right now I’m unemployed but Blogging got me! We will see how this will turn out!

I have a loving boyfriend, John.

We’re together since February 1, 2015. He’s the greatest gift I could ever ask for and I thank God every single day for him. He gives me strength and courage in a way I can’t understand, and he supports me in everything I do. He’s my rock!

I want to see the world.

Even though my only trip abroad was to Cyprus, I want to go to many places and countries. I believe that traveling gives you the best experiences and makes you a better person. So my goal in life is to see as many countries and cultures as I can!

My life Perspective.

I love making things simple and easy. That’s my thing! You can even sometimes say that I’m a lazy person (not the bad-way-lazy) because there’s a quote from Bill Gates that stuck in my mind when I read it. “I will always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job because he will find an easy way to do it.”

I read it again and again and then I thought of something… What if the difficult job is living? Which sometimes it actually is…There are so many struggles in our everyday lives. School, college, being a mom, working and taking care of a family or trying to find a job… So why not to be LAZY? Why not finding easy ways to live?

Since then I approach everything with simplicity, with a clear mind and much love. And I encourage you all to do the same! Life is not a race, Life is a gift! Enjoy it! Don’t rush through it…

Okay, so that’s a little about me! I hope you will like me, my blog and my stories! Can’t wait to get to know each one of you!

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