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My favorite Instagram Accounts

If you don’t already know I’m kinda addicted to Instagram. I can proudly say it’s my favorite Social Media. Even though I’m not posting much (I need to work on my content and I need to be a bit more consistent), I love getting inspired and interacting with all those beautiful people out there.

I created a new Instagram account when I created my blog (@simplyapostolia) because I wanted to start from scratch. Till now I’m following over 700 accounts and I can say I love all of them, but -like everyone- I have some favorite ones, and I thought I could share these with you! It’s not just the content that it’s awesome and inspiring, but the persons behind them are really cool! You should totally check them out!

1. Helene Sula (@heleneinbetween)

Alright, this lady right here is my inspiration! She’s from Dallas and left everything behind to follow her dream and travel the whole Europe. Right now she’s living in Germany with her husband and her two lovely dogs! Do I need to say anything more? Go check her out!

HELENE jpg.jpg

2. Lucy Crisp (@juicyy_lucyy)

Lucy was one of my first Blogging-Instagram pals. She’s from Newcastle, and I loved how she grew her Instagram through this whole time. Right now she’s traveling in Southeast Asia, and she’s having some great adventures! I’m totally obsessed with her feed!

Ohh! Forgot to mention that she shares some really cool Instagram stories!

lucy jpg.jpg

3. Claire (@clairebeary94)

Claire’s Instagram is just perfect. She’s living in Houston, but she travels all over the US and tries some amazing food! I suggest you check her feed on a full stomach! (just kidding… go check her now!)

calire jpg.jpg

4. Kristen Shane (@kristenshaneblog)

Kristen is another Blogging-Instagram friend I made when I started out. She’s a college student and she’s posting great photos of her adventures and her trips. Also, she’s sharing a few awesome quotes -mostly about faith- that give me the motivation I need.

kristen jpg.jpg

5. Isabella Grande (@thefancylizardblog)

I found Isabella’s Instagram in a facebook group, just when she started it out. I can proudly say I’m one of her first followers, and I loved how much she’s grown through the past 3 months. Her pictures and captions are totally amazing. You definitely need to check her feed!


6. Fay Mpratsioti (@fayzphotography)

I couldn’t leave my lovely mom out of this. She’s still learning about Instagram, but she always loved photography. She mostly takes pictures of the sea and she’s capturing the beauty of our city, Chalkis. She’s pretty good I can say! Go check her out and let me know what you think in the comments!


7. Kate (@sparkleandthecity)

This one is one of my favorite fashion bloggers. I can totally relate to Kate’s style, and her photos are pretty amazing! She’s also from Greece and blogs about lifestyle too! Did I forget to mention that her blog-Instagram name is: Sparkle and the City? I mean… How cool is that?!


8. Monique (@moniqueseverydayadventures)

Monique is a German girl living in London. She’s posting great pictures of yummy vegan food that I would totally try out, and some beautiful pictures of London. Definitely one of my favorites!


9. Katie (@millennonthemove)

This newlywed right here has some pretty cool pictures of her life and her travels. And just like her Blog name says, she’s a millennial on the move! Her feed is bright and colorful. The place that I’ll go when I need some positive vibes! You should go too!


10. Foteini (@girl.on.caffeine)

Another fellow Greek blogger! She posts pictures of her everyday life and some great places here in Greece. Also, I got a feeling that she’s a bookworm! She posted a few great recommendations for summer books, and I’m actually reading one of these right now!

girloncafeine jpg.jpg

As you can see I tend to like everything related to food and travel. Two of the most amazing things in life! I hope one day my Instagram feed will be full of awesome travel pics and yummy food too! Hmm, sound like a Goal! But that’s for another post…

So… these are a few of my favorites Instagram accounts! Bright and colorful ones, that fill you up with positive vibes!

How about you? Do you have favorite Instagram accounts? Please share with me in the comments accounts that you absolutely love! Can’t wait to see them and follow them!

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