Welcome to my New Blog!

August 28, 2017

And it’s finally here!

My very very OWN blog!

After two busy weeks, “Simply, Apostolia” is back under a new address! (my very own address!) I’m so excited! (… and I just can’t hide it!)

A brief story of how I got into here

When I first started blogging 4 months ago I wasn’t sure that I would like it. It was a whole new experience to me, so I started on a free platform and gave myself time to adjust and learn. It wasn’t long till I realized that Blogging is my thing. I love to write, I love to connect with you guys and help you in any way I can.

So I decided to take a step forward, and move my blog to a self-hosted website. I wanted my blog to be more professional and flexible with changes. I know most bloggers don’t hesitate for this decision, but I did. First of all, it was something I’ve never done before. Paying for a service through Internet? I’m only buying shoes through Internet! And if something goes wrong? How will I be able to call them? I’ve never done an international call before! I know I sound kinda silly … But it looked so scary, I swear! The scariest part though was that it would get real! When you’re blogging for free, it’s something like a hobby. But when you’re investing on that, things are getting serious!

Few days ago, I took a leap of faith and decided to finally do it. I gave myself some time to do the moving, without stress (I tend to be a bit stressful sometimes!), made a to-do list, set a deadline and started working on it! It wasn’t an easy process to build the website, but it was really exciting! Google became my best friend. I literally searched everything. I know I could hire someone to build my website for me, but it’s different when you do it. Also, this whole moving gave me a lot of ideas for posts that could help someone moving or starting a blog alone. And I’m not talking about the original “How-to-start-a-blog” posts. I’m talking about what happens after that!

So how exactly I did it

I got my domain name on Namecheap (the cheapest and more reliable service to me) and for hosting, SiteGround was the best option for me. I was searching through hosting providers for months. I wanted to be sure and get the best hosting for my blog, cause, after all, it’s like your blog’s home, it’s where your blog “lives”. Everyone keeps telling about how great SiteGround’s customer service is. Not to mention their uptime. I hate it when I’m trying to reach other blogs and they are crushing, or not loading fast. So this wasn’t an option for my blog.

Setting everything up was really easy. Installing WordPress, the name servers, transferring my posts from the old blog. Just pretty easy. But after that, my blog was semi-empty! No colors, pictures, fonts, logo! There was just a random theme on it! So I started searching through 4.900 free WordPress themes, to chose the best one. Luckily someone on Twitter told me that I can customize everything if I know CSS so I don’t need to worry about choosing the “BEST” theme. So I went with the Excellent theme, customized a few things and even though there are a lot of things to change yet, it looks pretty good.

So here I am! Blogging through my brand new Blog! Feel free to click around, send me some feedback, and let me know if something isn’t working (though I checked everything like a million times). Just yesterday I created a newsletter so you can subscribe here if you want. I’m going to work a bit on this in the future because it’s not exactly ready yet.

Also, *IMPORTANT UPDATE*, I will be posting a new blog post every Sunday from now on, so here’s when to expect from me!

I hope you like my new Blog as much as I do!

Much love, Apostolia xx

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