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September 17, 2017

Every blogger is blogging for a purpose. To improve the lives of their readers. Either you’re sharing your personal experiences, or tips and tricks for every different aspect of life, you have a big opportunity to help people and inspire them. And that’s a huge thing! But the internet world is huge right? So if you want to get noticed online and increase your readers and pageviews, you need to drive traffic to your blog.

Traffic is one of the most important things in blogging. Think of it for a bit… If more people come and read your blog, you have more chances that they will actually like it, and come back.

I remember when I first created my blog and wrote my first blog post, I was like “Okay, now what? How will people know that I’ve created my blog?” And it’s totally normal to be like this. Because when you create a blog only you and maybe your family and friends know it.

So how you will find your readers?

After 5 months of Blogging, I created a strategy, that will help you increase your traffic. This strategy depends on how much time you will devote to it. The more you work on it, the more traffic you will get.

Traffic Strategy: Facebook Groups.

Let me tell you a few things about this strategy. There’s a great way to connect with other Bloggers, all thanks to Facebook Groups. There are thousands of Facebook Groups for Bloggers out there with unique communities. Some of them are using weekly or daily Threads for promotion. In order to participate in a Thread you need to follow its rules, and drop a link. So, every time you participate successfully on a Thread you increase your traffic.

Alright, I’m gonna explain everything bellow. Just wanted you to have an “image” of how this strategy works. Just want you to keep in mind that “The more you promote and socialize online the more traffic you will get.”

We will break this strategy in two steps. The first step is about gathering all the links you want to promote in one place, and the second step is the promotion.

A real working strategy that will EXPLODE your blog's traffic using Facebook Groups. It's all about bringing your content it in front of new audiences.



Step 1: Gathering your links


Before you start promoting your content, you will have to make a list with all the links you want to promote. You need to have them all on one page so you can access them easily. When you will want to participate on a Thread you will just go on the list, pick the link you want and join the Thread.

Evernote is my favorite online tool for this, and generally for notes. As much as I love hand-writing notes, some things have to be online. For this strategy, Evernote is a lifesaver. I’m using a lot of different computers so I can have it on every device, even on my phone.

Tip: If you’re using Google Chrome you can pin the Evernote tab so it will be open all the time in case you will need it.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to use Evernote you can create any kind of text file, and make your list there.

For those who will use Evernote, create a new note and you can start adding your links there. You can do it however you like, but if you want you can take a look on my list.


Evernote List Promoting Links to drive traffic to your blog


Twitter and Facebook Page Links


Twitter and Facebook are updated more frequently than the other Social Media. That’s why I started with them. Also, there’s no point in promoting old tweets or posts, so it won’t be a long list. It just has to be updated.


I did exactly the same for Pinterest. This is a great way to have all the links of your pins in the same list, so you won’t have to search through your Pinterest profile. I just added all the pins that I want to promote.



That’s one of my favorite ways to promote my content. I read about StumbleUpon everywhere but I wouldn’t realize how much traffic it brings to your blog until I’ve tried it. StumbleUpon is something like a discovery engine that finds web content for each user according to what they like.

Esther and Jacob from the “Local Adventurer” have a great post about how to use StumbleUpon. You can check it out if you don’t know how StumbleUpon works, but if you do, just add on your list all the links from the Sumbles that you want to promote.

Actual Links

Last but not least we need your actual blog post links. I would suggest shortening the links with bitly. I have both bitly and the whole links on my list. Because I don’t know which one I’m gonna need. For example, on a Tweet, I will use the shortened link from bitly. That’s totally up to you.


Also, you can add any other Social Media links you’re using, such as Google+ etc.

Step 2: Promote your Content and get Traffic

Okay, your list is all done. I know you might spent a lot of time on it, but think of how much time you saved from future scrolling to find links.

You can promote your content with many ways. But in this strategy, we will use the Facebook Groups.

The blogging community is huge, and thanks to Facebook Groups we can interact and get to know each other better. Also, you’re getting answers to questions you might have from other bloggers. My blog wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t for Facebook Groups. I swear they helped me a lot, and still help me when I have an issue.


These Groups are great for promoting your content too, because of the promotion Threads. Threads have some rules and of course, you have to respect them. Because this is how they actually work. For example, let’s say that we have a Pinterest Thread where you leave a link to a pin that you want some repins, and as an exchange, you will pin 5 pins from others.

Each Facebook Group has different threads. Some happen daily and some others weekly. What I mean by this. Daily threads are threads that happen every day, and weekly threads are happening every week. But you must know that if you join a Thread you have to follow its rules. All of them. If there’s a rule that says you have to interact with all the links, you have to interact with all the links. If you can’t, then don’t join the thread.

When I heard about Threads for the very first time I thought it was something like “follow for follow”. And many of you may think about this right now, but it’s not. Threads help you interact with other bloggers, read their content and support them through commenting or sharing their posts. And they will do the same to you… It’s something like karma. “You take what you give”.


I’ve found some incredible bloggers through these threads, such as Morgan from Mostly Morgan, Claire from Clairebear, Ania from Ania Travels and many many more… If it wasn’t for these threads, probably I wouldn’t find their incredible blogs.

Now, remember when I said at the beginning that the more you work on this strategy the more traffic you will get? Let me change it a bit now… The more threads you will join (and interact with others of course) the more traffic you will get. It’s totally up to you! Each Facebook Group has a different community, and that means more chances of new readers.

Here are some of my favorite Facebook Groups, and some of their threads to help you start with this strategy. Open your list of links, and start interacting with other beautiful bloggers out there!

1. Blogging 101 


This Group has helped me a lot. Not only from the weekly threads but with the fast responses to my questions. Every Monday we’re setting our goals for the week, Tuesday we are sharing our latest posts, Wednesday we connect through Social Media, Thursdays we share feedback and every Friday we are having different Social Media Parties! You can join here and feel free to introduce yourself once you get accepted!

2. Bloggers United

Alright, Bloggers United is the best group if you want to interact with other people. It has the most threads I’ve seen in a group (for real!) and the admins are doing their best to keep this group working properly. As I said before each thread has some rules, and we all have to respect them if we decide to join one. Sadly, there are people who don’t and just join a thread without supporting other people. Thanks to admins, those people are expelled from the group (after warnings of course), and as a result, the group runs smoothly.

About the threads, they are just so many! You will have to see it with your own eyes to believe me! You can join right here!


3. Boost Your Blog

This group is Helene’s Group from Helene In Between (one of my favorite bloggers if you don’t know that already!). With a huge community of around 27k people that constantly grows, you can have many opportunities in there. From collaborations to answering your questions, promotion, and great weekly threads, you can find pretty much everything on this group. You can join here.

4. Grow Your Blog

Another group with Daily Threads. The number of the participants on this one is huge! I’ve seen threads with 300+ comments! You can join here!


5. Bloggers Supporting Each Other

I’ve joined this one recently, and I really love its community! Already found so many Twitter and Pinterest friends out there! There’s a really friendly vibe around this group. Join on this one here.


Alright, these are just a few Facebook Groups to help you at the beginning. There are hundreds of groups out there, so as I said before, this strategy is about how much you want to promote and how many groups-threads you want to join. Different Groups + different threads = more opportunities to be seen = more traffic! It’s totally up to you, and the time you want to devote to this one!

So what do you think about this strategy? How you promote your content effectively? Do you have any favorite facebook groups? If yes, share them with us in the comments!

And don’t forget to share this post with others who might find it helpful! 

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