I bet you know that feeling when your heart begins to beat faster and you constantly worry about something or you keep forgetting things. Yes, stress is a very common thing to all of us. Sometimes you get used to it and you can’t see how much it’s affecting you.

I used to be a really stressful person. Every time I’m calling John and he’s not answering I immediately think that something bad happened. Whenever my boss calls me at some random time of the day I start trembling. Sometimes I couldn’t even sleep at night, because of the thoughts I had for the next day.  Even when something good was about to happen I was thinking “What if something goes wrong?”

A few months ago, I decided that this needs to stop. I’ve been trying to eliminate stress from my life because I just couldn’t take it anymore. I haven’t completely overcome it, but I found some really easy ways to reduce it and somehow control it.

Acknowledge the Symptoms

First of all, you have to understand what stress is, and what are the effects on you. There are several symptoms that can be different from one person to another. These can be either Physical (Headaches, dizziness, chest pain, heart beating faster) or Psychological (feeling overwhelmed, depression, anger, seeing only the negative, lack of concentration or memory problems). Whatever it is you have to find it.  You have to acknowledge that “stress is causing it” or “Right now I’m feeling stressed”.

It’s really important to understand how your body and mind works, and how stress is affecting you. Because it’s like decluttering your feelings. When you know the symptoms and how exactly you feel it’s easier to work on them.

1. Take a hot relaxing bath

When you jump into a hot bath, the hot water increases your body’s temperature, relaxes your muscles and your blood starts flowing better. You can also add a few drops of essential oils (the options are so many on this, just decide which one you like better), close your eyes and relax. Try to focus on your breathing. It feels like stopping the time for a few minutes, and it’s just you and your body. Also, you know that you’re doing something good for yourself and this will instantly boost your mood.

Stress is very common to us all. Sometimes you get used to it and you can't see how it affects you. Here are some easy ways to reduce it from your life.

2. Workout

That’s an obvious one. I kept reading about it but I never thought it could actually help me. Not until I tried it. Whenever I felt somehow stressed I grabbed my dumbells and tried to do some squats. Or some wall-sits. What makes a real difference on “working your stress out” is that you have to focus on your body while doing this. So you just forget about everything else and focus on how your body feels. After a few seconds of wall-sit, I would feel my legs burning, so it was a distraction from my stressful thoughts.

The more I’ve been thinking about stressful things the more I pushed myself.  At some point, I started to feel good about it, because I was actually helping my body while worrying. I can’t totally explain this feeling to you, you just have to try it and see the results by yourself. It’s like the stressful thoughts aren’t stressing anymore. They become just thoughts.Stress is very common to us all. Sometimes you get used to it and you can't see how it affects you. Here are some easy ways to reduce it from your life.

3. Focus on your Senses

Now, this can be a little bit tricky. There are things that happen to our lives and involve our senses that instantly makes us feel good. Like when you smell a scented candle burning or petting your dog. You will have to find those things that make you happy and make a list of all the 5 senses. Here are a few of the things that are on my list:

-Hearing: Listening to calming sounds of nature, Listen to some uplifting music, Sing along your favorite song.

-Taste: Eat some of your favorite fruit, Have some dark chocolate, Drink a big cup of coffee/tea/cocoa.

-Sight: Close your eyes and go to your happy place (a relaxing and peaceful place), Appreciate the beauty of nature, Surround yourself with colors that make you feel happy.

-Touch: Pet your dog/cat, Cuddle under your favorite warm blanket, Wear clothes that feel soft on your skin.

-Smell: Smell a flower that you love, Light up a scented candle, Enjoy the fresh air, Put on your favorite fragrance.

Of course, there can be much more things on this list, just add whatever you like and whatever works best for you. Every time you will start feeling stressed just say STOP to yourself, and immediately do something from the above. You will have to focus on your sense and you’ll see, you will start feeling a lot better.Stress is very common to us all. Sometimes you get used to it and you can't see how it affects you. Here are some easy ways to reduce it from your life.

4. Listen to Podcasts / Watch Motivational Videos

I’m not really into podcasts but I’ve seen many people listening to them and it works for them. I’m more of a visual person so, whenever I feel stressed I will to go to Youtube and find some motivational video that will require all of my attention. That it will drag me into it.

I will just watch as many videos as I need to start feeling good about myself (and ready to take over the world!) This one is actually my favorite and I always start with this:

You have to remember one thing. It’s impossible to totally eliminate stress. But you can stop it from controlling your life. It won’t happen overnight. I have a lot of moments that I just “break” and I feel that everything sucks, I have so many complicated feelings and I’m almost having panic attacks. It’s okay. All you have to do is to acknowledge your feelings and what caused them. And next time that you will have one of these moments you’ll be more prepared.

You are your own best friend. You have to listen to your body, listen to your feelings and try to work with them. Not work on them. You’re a human being and stress is just part of the game!

I’d really love to hear your thoughts on this one. What do you think about stress? Are you struggling with it? What are your ways to de-stress?

Stress is very common to us all. Sometimes you get used to it and you can't see how it affects you. Here are some easy ways to reduce it from your life.


  • I so need this. I wrote a blog article about wanting to run away from home last month. Thanks for the tips!

    • Apostolia

      Ohh sweety.. it’s hard to deal with the “rocks” that life is throwing at us… We just have to be stronger and keep fighting every day…

  • I totally agree with these tips, I’m really into listening to podcasts too!

    • Apostolia

      I think I might start listening to them … There are so many good out there… Also last night I discovered some Ted talks! They seem pretty awesome too!

  • I always forget to give myself a break and ignore my symptoms. I’m a glutton for punishment in that respect, but also so driven to accomplish things that I often forget to treat myself to a much-needed break.

    • Apostolia

      It’s really really important to do so sweety.. you’ll feel more than better and with a less messy mind.. I can guarantee that to you! Just take that break! At least once a week.. you totally deserve it and totally need it!

  • You are right, you cannot eliminate feeling under stress totally, and that would actually be a bad thing. We are hard-wired for fight-or-flight, and in certain dangerous situations, feeling tense and ready to walk or run away would be the proper response. But we can definitely use a variety of coping methods to relieve ourselves of too much stress at other times. For me, being able to go into a quiet darkened room and sit comfortably and listen to guided meditations on headphones is quite helpful, calms me down and distracts me from ruminations.

  • Great tips! Every day life can be so stressful. These are great tips to follow! Awesome post

    • Apostolia

      I hope that it helps Janice… Cause stress is a slow killer ! It starts from mental health and can even cause diseases… We need to take it more seriously!

  • Love this! I have a severe panic disorder and I’ve found that adding epsom salts (I prefer unscented but they have lots of scents!) to my bath helps even more than a normal bath.

  • Oh yes, I’m so with you on the exercising and listening to podcasts. I just started up a new routine this week – after being quite unfit for most of the year and I can feel my mood has improved drastically. I also love walking and listening to podcasts, I feel like I get in a bit of education and fitness at the same time. Thanks for sharing! I’m pinning 🙂

    ~ Melanie

  • Great tips! Such an inspiring article. Gonna share it as well.

  • Thanks for sharing! That’s so interesting

  • Good tips. You do need to start with knowing what the problem is. I think stepping away from the problem is best to get a clear mind. I like to take walks as a bath in my house is not always stress free with little people around.

  • Great info for when stress gets the best of us. I love to watch motivational vids and listen to podcasts. My favorite podcast is Affirmation Pod!

  • I have these symptoms the moment I overthink of something. Drawing and painting is the way I de-stress myself. Love the tips you give especially focus on our senses.

  • Agnes Dela Cruz

    Stress comes in many forms and how one’s body and mind experience that stress – how they can cope up and minimize the effects of it can be debilitating at times. The list you provide can be handful to anyone who is stress at the moment, I find it easy and very doable too.

  • Joanna

    My way of relaxing is definitely a work out and a hot long bubble bath afterwards. It’s amazing how good exercise makes you feel and how it releases the stress. And there is no better way of relaxing your muscles afterwards than with a bath.

  • I love doing exercise when I’m stressed or feeling a bit low. I also find yoga and meditation really help as well. I love having spa days or massages as well to help me relax.

  • NEEDED THIS as I cant really deal with stress as well as others HENCE being my OWN boss. ON MY TERMS, not someone telling me what to do every aspect of life.thanks for this post I really needed it. god blessed u with a postive aspect of writing, not many positive bloggers out there x


  • I love the suggestions. I just got back to gym after several months of doing nothing nothing, and it feel so good! I thnk it helps with feeling better mentally too!

  • I get stressed so easily and I find a relaxing bath or going for a walk really does help. I like the motivational podcast/video idea.

  • Ah yes a hot relaxing bath is wonderfully soothing and does wonders for stress levels. I like the idea of focusing on your senses as well!

  • Hot bath and workout in the nature are great ways. I resort to motivational reads, stories as well to get myself energized and reduce the on going stress. Really these points work tons and gives a great calming effect!

  • Such great ideas. When I’m feeling stressed, I really like to go for long walks. That or take hot showers. There’s something so relaxing about letting the water wash over me.

  • These are indeed some very effective ways to work with your stress. I usually am not stressed easily but whenever it hits me I love to take a warm bath, go out for a nice walk, or meditate to calm and soothe myself.

  • I get stressed out SO often that I get nervous when everything seems normal! Taking a hot bath and doing my nightly skincare routine has really helped combat my stress and anxiety. I need to get back into doing #2.

  • Blair villanueva

    Im more of a long relaxing warm bubble bath. Seriously, i can spend in it for hours. Helps me to release stress and fall asleep.

  • Annemarie LeBlanc

    I don’t get much sleep and this adds to my stress. I have decided that I will do my walking in the early morning. That would be invigorating to walk as the sun rises. Hopefully, that will not only reduce my stress and give me more energy throughout the day, but it will also help me maintain my weight.

  • My Teen Guide

    I have had really bad days when I felt my stress was consuming my very being. What do I do when I experience this? I take a long walk. I take good soak in a hot tub, sometimes, I just go to bed and sleep.

  • Relaxing by having a bath, eating some comfort food and watching a movie usually does well for me to reduce stress x

  • Great tips! I try to incorporate some of these into my daily life but it doesn’t always happen. Eating chocolate, working out, and enjoying nature definitely work for me! I will try the hot bath soon since it’s been a while!

  • I am loving the tips here. I get stressed from time to time and I like to relax and unwind with some good music.

  • These are all great tips! I have been dealing with a ton of stress these last few weeks and all of these tips work wonders. I love the idea of a hot bath.

  • Adaleta Avdić

    A good workout and then a relaxing shower and bath, maybe a face mask is the best way to relax and destress!

  • This was the perfect blog post for me. I’ve been feeling very tense the last few days. I always try to take a nice hot bath to calm down and de-stress.

  • Yes I agree that you have to have a good understanding of stress and what are your triggers… I find that working out or cuddling on the couch to watch a motivational show helps reduce my stress… Just this past weekend I watched ‘Joy’ about a broke mother, sick of being broke and struggling, and so she decides to invent a mop that strains itself so she doesn’t have to touch it… well anyway it was a hard road for her, but she dug deep and kept working hard never giving up and became a millionaire (real story!) I can relate to the struggles and this is just what I needed to watch to keep me busting my butt!
    long story short ~wink~

  • Michelle Richardson

    These are great tips! I know I carry more stress than I should. Need to try more if the motivational ideas. I’ve also been thinking about becoming more active with my faith.

  • beckyryanwillis

    I really like all of your tips on reducing stress. Someday when I get a nicer bathtub I will do that one, but for now I will try your other ideas. Thank you!

  • Stephanay Jnote

    Stressing too much is never good because it can cause unnecessary diseases from
    Occurring. Leave your troubles inGod’s hands.

  • These are all ways that I help reduce stress, especially the bubble bath!

  • Liz

    oh i like the senses idea!! thanks for these

  • Claire Lee

    for me, workout all the way! I get stressed pretty easily so I need to make sure it doesn’t affect me. but I think other tips are great as well!

  • Kelly Hutchinson

    So many great tips to reduce the stress in your life. I do a morning devotional and read my bible. I also try to think positively about things in my life.

  • These are great tips. I agree on tips #3. But whenever I’m stress, I like to find my happy place and paint or cleaning. It really helps.

  • Oyinkan Ogunleye

    Working out releases feel good hormones in the body! Definitely s great stress reliever.

  • Graet tips! Exercise, hot bath and good massage works wonders for me.

  • i can completely relate to this as I just wrote on something similar. Stress is so unhealthy for the mind and body.

  • Could not agree more with everything you have said! I have only recently started listening to podcasts and they make me feel so productive.

    xx, Kusum | http://www.sveeteskapes.com

  • Ayesha Farhad

    I absolutely agree with working out! my stress completely vanishes right after a good sweaty workout!