The Real Benefits of an Instagram Challenge

November 1, 2017

As I said a few days ago the #30NovemberPieces Challenge starts today. Many of you might be wondering why to take part in an Instagram Challenge and how this will benefit you. So let’s break this down.

First of all, an Instagram Challenge is something like an event. An event that you have to post some pictures of a certain theme under a certain hashtag. The rules of each Challenge can be quite different. On some Challenges, you have to post daily. On others, you have to post weekly or on a particular day of the week. Just make sure you know what are the rules and the topic of the challenge.

Grow your Following

If you haven’t heard already Instagram changed its algorithm to a non-chronological feed. This means it can be harder to be seen by others and your posts could be buried or even totally hidden. Most of the time when I open Instagram I see on my feed posts from 5 or 6 days ago. So I’m 100% sure that I’m missing a lot of your posts.  And probably you’re missing a lot of my posts too.

Luckily there’s still an awesome thing on Instagram, hashtags. (There’s a post about hashtags coming soon, so stick around!) When you’re taking part in a Challenge you will be using one particular hashtag (that’s #30NovemberPieces for us!). Now if you click on the hashtag you will see posts from other people using this hashtag and this means a new unique audience.

What’s cool about hashtags is that when you add one to your picture it will automatically show up in the ‘Most Recent’ feed of this hashtag – and if it’s one of the more popular posts on that tag it could even be displayed in Instagram’s ‘Top Post’ picks for that hashtag.

Looking through other people’s photos of the hashtag, following and commenting, is also a great way to ‘find your tribe’, grow your network and connect with future customers or collaborators!

*Bonus for #30NovemberPieces: Each week I will do a recap of your photos of our hashtag here in my blog and on my Instagram Stories, so even more chances to get yourself in front of new people!

Boost your creativity

Instagram means photos right?  And what are photos without creativity? Dull. But you can’t be all the time creative. You can easily run out of ideas. There’s that “argh” of what to post today. Every Instagram Challenge has a theme. The theme will inspire you to capture a photo depending on the prompt given. It’s like you’re a photographer and you’re assigned to do a “themed-session”. So this will challenge your creativity and you won’t even believe you actually TOOK this photo!

For our challenge, you will have a different photo theme every day for the whole month of November. Oh yes. That’s a challenge, you guys!

Improve your photography skills

Instagram is all about visuals. You have to create images that are interesting and gorgeous. The most important thing to increase your following is to post great pictures (yeh like you didn’t know that!). Of course, we’re not all professional photographers and we don’t have a professional camera, but what we can do is practice!

Search through the hashtag for inspiration (or other hashtags!) and try to recreate any photo with your own personal touch! You could pick up new lighting, new layout or some styling ideas!

Also, you know what they say? The more you practice the better you will get!

Get into habit of posting regularly

Consistency is the key to growing your Instagram. If you’re a blogger or a business owner you already know that it’s essential to keep your readers or customers updated. Same goes for Instagram. If you post regularly you keep your followers engaged.

When you’re committed to something and you practice it daily it can help you form a habit. And in this challenge you’re not alone, we are all together and we will support each other. This will motivate you to keep going and well, it doesn’t matter if you miss a day or two, jump back in! We will be there for you…

Share your story with us! Have you ever joined an Instagram Challenge? How did it benefit you?

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Want to know why to take part at an Instagram Challenge and how this will benefit you? Here's the real thing.

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