The first week of #30NovemberPieces already passed and I have to tell you guys, it’s been amazing! Over 100 photos have been shared so far! To be honest I didn’t believe you would join me on this. And now there are so many amazing photos under our hashtag!

Some tips to make the most out of this challenge.

-Save the picture with the prompts on your phone so you can be up to date.

-Interact with others from this challenge! This is the best way to connect and get to know people who have the same interests as you. Go through other people’s pictures under the hashtag, comment, like and even follow the ones you like. Let’s build an authentic following!

-Be creative! The prompts are just to keep a “theme” for each day and trigger your creativity. We want to get to know you better. Inspire us by sharing your personal unique point of view.

-Make sure your profile is not private. If it’s private your photos won’t be shared under the hashtag for us all to see. So you can’t actually connect with us.

-It’s never too late to join! You can post a photo related to the prompt of the day anytime you decide to join!

-If you need the list of prompts, click right here! It’s really easy because the numbers represent the days in the calendar. For example, November 20 is about 20. Favorite Color.

Here are some wonderful pictures from people participating in #30NovemberPieces:

I’m so grateful for all of you joining this challenge, and I’m so inspired! This is amazing! It’s really hard to pick my favorites, so I will just share a few pictures from the hashtag just to give you a taste. If you want to see all the pictures you can just scroll through the Hashtag!

When I was younger, I would say that rain was the angels crying. Seems fitting for this time, when there is so much sadness in our country.

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Autumn in Texas…. yea, 70-80* temps, leaves are finally falling and you can still wear shorts and flip flops. #autumn #30NovemberPieces

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This is the tree in my front yard!!!!! Day 7 (November 7th) #30novemberpieces #naturephotography #nature #fallleaves #fall #autumn

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Day 3: #breakfast of champions. This is not diet approved, but damn was it good! #30novemberpieces

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Thank you all for joining me! I can’t wait to see your photos this week!