The Second week of #30NovemberPieces has been a blast!  Even though I’ve seen some people that dropped out, there are some others that keep posting every day. We even got some new ones joined!

Here you can see the recap of Week 1.

I know it’s hard to post every day. I was posting about 2 times per week until October, so posting every day is kinda challenging for me. To tell you the truth, I was planning to take all my photos in advance (before we start the challenge), so I can have some more time to comment and interact with you.

But it’s really funny how things turned out. Every time I was about to shoot a photo some kind of work appeared, and I ended up with just 2 photos when we started. My time is limited, and this is why I can totally understand you if you can’t post every day.

It’s all up to you! Use 3 or 4 of the prompts you like and just post them whenever you want using the hashtag. This challenge is all about November. The prompts are just to challenge your creativity. The goal is to fill Instagram with awesome November pictures… And remember there is plenty of time to join! 2 more weeks of #30NovemberPieces! If you decide to join us read all the details here.

Week’s 2 Recap

Let me share with you some of this week’s pictures! If you want to see all of them just scroll through our hashtag.

“I can’t live without…”

✨I can’t live without my sister! I just can’t! She’s not just an older sister to me, she’s my life! ? She’s my inspiration, hope, survival lifeline, best friend, sister mom, advisor, guide, mentor! ❤️ She’s my partner in everything, my fellow Gryffindor Potterhead, my movie date, my tv buddy, my travel partner, my mate! ✨ She’s my everything! She’s my Abbie ? #30novemberpieces #icantlivewithout #photographychallenge #photooftheday #sister #bestietimes #ilovemysister #littlesister #bigsister #life #inspiration #hope #survival #bestie #bestfriend #sistermoments #sistermother #sistermom #mentor #partnerincrime #gryffindor #potterhead #harrypotter #fall #autumn #leaves #blackandwhite #boots #bootbuddies

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I can’t live without…These two angels. They make my world complete. ❤️❤️❤️. #30novemberpieces

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Work Space

“Outfit of the Day”

Thank you, #everlane for the cozy sweater ? #30novemberpieces

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Words to live by

Something we all need a reminder of sometimes. Be kind to yourself this weekend ❤️??

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Life is colorful

“Life is colorful” #30novemberpieces #honeydukes themed cake #HarryPotter

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?Yo Ho Ho! We want our Mondays lazy and slow? This Monday was a holiday drinks kind of day. #Mondayz #30novemberpieces

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Favorite time of the day

Dusk has always been my #favoritetimeofday It’s the glow. #30novemberpieces

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I hope you enjoyed scrolling through these photos and got some inspiration… I know I did. Thank you all for joining me in this fun challenge! I can’t wait to see this week’s pictures!

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