Things I love about Autumn!

September 22, 2018
So excited for this season! The coziest and spookiest time of the year! Delicious meals, amazing nature, Rainy afternoons... What do you love about Autumn?

Technically Today is the first day of Autumn. I wrote this post in the morning but I scheduled it to go up exactly at 9:54 pm! Because this is the exact time that Autumn Officially starts! (In Greece’s timezone of course).

Gosh, I’m so excited for this season! Not only because I’m going to participate in Blogtober this year (hopefully), but because I just really REALLY love Autumn! And since I’m beyond excited, I decided to make a list of ALL the things I absolutely LOVE about AUTUMN! (I’m even writing in caps! This is how much excited I am!) Grab a cup of coffee and let’s start naming our favorite things!

Cozy Knitted Sweaters!

Hot Coffee or Chocolate!

Chill weather!

Cozy Movie Nights!


Scented Candles

Pumpkin Spice Everything!

The sound ant the smell of the rain

Generally RAIN

Getting cozy by the fireplace

Warm Soups

Everything with Apples

Warm Blankets

Fuzzy Slippers

Hoodies and Boots

Crisp Air

Pumpkin Spice Latte

Flavored Warm Tea

More Book Reading!

Scarves and Beanies!

Colorful Leaves Everywhere!

Long & Warm Socks

The smell of cinnamon

Chimney Smoke

Movie/Series Marathons!

The smell of fresh Baked Cookies

Darker Lipsticks!

Board Games!

Autumn Sunsets!

Baking Yummy Treats!

You might wonder why I didn’t mention Haloween and Thanksgiving… Well here in Greece we don’t celebrate them, but I love watching and reading about them from other Bloggers or in Social Media.

In general, I think Autumn is the Coziest time of the year! And I literally Can’t wait! Also, as I said before, I’ll be taking part in Blogtober this year (hopefully I will make it till the end of it!) so expect a post from me every day for the month of October!

Ohh I almost forgot about this! I just made a brand new Pinterest Board all about Autumn! Make sure to follow it!


Let’s talk about this amazing Season! Uhhhh I’m so excited! What do you love about Autumn and what are you excited about?!

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