Blogtober 2018: 100 Blog Post Ideas for every blogger

October 3, 2018

Blogtober is a great opportunity to discover new “blogging” areas. Like… I’m not a beauty blogger but I’m definitely using different makeup in the autumn so I could write a post about my favorite makeup products I’m using this season. My point is that we need to write about 30 blog posts so we can easily run out of ideas. So I decided to make a list with different blog post ideas for every blogger out there (or at least the most bloggers out there!).

Beauty – Fashion Bloggers

  1. Hair Care Routine in Autumn
  2. Everyday Fall Make Up Routine
  3. Your Favorite Lipsticks to wear in Autumn
  4. New Products you’ve added to your Make Up Bag recently
  5. A 5-minute Make Up Tutorial for Busy Days
  6. Favorite Autumn Nail Ideas
  7. Favorite Autumn Fragrances (Perfume/Body Lotions etc.)
  8. Your Pamper/Self-Care Routine this Season
  9. Fall Skincare Routine
  10. How to year *specific color* in Autumn
  11. Top Five Accessories to Complete any Autumn outfit
  12. Your Outfit Of The Day
  13. Favorite Cozy Jumpers and Cardigans
  14. Autumnal Wardrobe Wishlist
  15. 5 Fall Wardrobe Essentials
  16. Top 5 Online Stores to Shop from and Why
  17. How you Organize your Wardrobe this Season?
  18. Where do you find your Fashion Inspiration?
  19. List your favorite Fashion Influencers
  20. How to Shop on a Budget (Be stylish and don’t break the bank!)

“Blogging” Bloggers

  1. Blogging challenges you want to overcome (Be honest!)
  2. Your Blogging Essentials Tools/Resources/Apps/Printables
  3. Favorite Instagram Hashtags/Profiles for Autumn Inspiration
  4. How do you Organise your Social Media
  5. How do you take and edit your Blog Photos?
  6. How do you write a Blog Post? Share a step-by-step guide?
  7. Share your advice for New Bloggers
  8. Why did you start Blogging?
  9. Write a post about how you edit your Instagram photos
  10. Your favorite Smartphone apps for Blogging?

Food Bloggers

  1. Pumpkin Spice Everything! – Write a post with Recipes full of “Pumpkin”
  2. Autumnal Beverages
  3. Fall Snack Recipes
  4. Your favorite Fall Soup
  5. Your Favorite Autumnal Desserts
  6. Your Favorite Dinners this Season
  7. Share some Baking Secrets!
  8. “What I eat in a day?”
  9. Weekly Food Diary – Share with us what you ate in a week
  10. A round-up of your Favorite Fall Recipes

Travel Bloggers

  1. Your Travel bucket list this Season
  2. A round-up of Travel Guides to the places you want to visit
  3. Autumn Travel Essentials.
  4. How you Budget/Spend Money on your Travels
  5. Packing for Autumn in your Area
  6. Be a Tourist in your own City!
  7. What is like Living in your Country/City
  8. How Traveling changes your Life
  9. Reflect on the First Trip you took Abroad
  10. List your Favorite Travel Bloggers/Instagramers

Halloween related posts

  1. Favorite Horror/Thriller/Spooky Movies
  2. Halloween Baking ideas!
  3. Halloween Childhood Memories
  4. Halloween Costumes you wore over the Years
  5. Share your Halloween Costume or Costume Ideas
  6. The best Halloween Books / Movies / Music
  7. Try out some Halloween Makeup
  8. Write a local spooky story!
  9. Write a post about pumpkin carving!
  10. Your Halloween Decorations

Lifestyle Bloggers

  1. Autumn Bucket-List
  2. Monthly To-do list
  3. A List of Things that Life has Taught you Recently
  4. A post with your Favorite Inspirational/Motivational Quotes
  5. Fall Favorites – Make a list of all your Fall Favorites (from pumpkin spice lattes to cozy sweaters)
  6. Make a Reading list and Movie Watching list for the remaining months of the year
  7. Make an Autumnal Playlist
  8. A photo post with Throwbacks from October in other years
  9. Childhood Memories from Autumn
  10. Your Autumn Family Traditions
  11. Cozy Night In Essentials
  12. Favorite Fall Tv Series and Movies to watch
  13. Things to do on a Rainy Day
  14. Favorite Autumn Candles
  15. Write about your Favorite Book and tell us what’s so special about it
  16. A Reading List of your Favorite Books (October is National Book Month! )
  17. A post full of Autumnal GIFs
  18. Start/take part in an Instagram Challenge (and share your progress in a post)
  19. Write a post inspired by your Favorite Blogger
  20. A review of your Favorite Restaurant/Café in your area
  21. A Fall DIY Craft (Try something new from Pinterest!)
  22. Fall Pinterest Ideas – Make a list full of Pinterest Ideas of this season
  23. Interview yourself
  24. A Day in the Life of…
  25. A list of Random Facts about you
  26. Your Week in Pictures
  27. Photo Diary – Autumn in your area
  28. What Youtube Videos are you mainly watching and Why
  29. Write a “Timeline” Post. Make it either personal or your blog’s
  30. Write a Gratitude post (List all the things you’re grateful for)
  31. Write about your biggest fears!
  32. Your Fitness tips this season. How you stay healthy?
  33. A letter to your Future Self
  34. A letter to your Younger Self
  35. Write about your Dream Job/Career. Be precise.
  36. A round-up of your Favorite Blogs and Why you Love them
  37. A round-up of your Most Popular Posts of All Time
  38. “The Autumn Tag”
  39. A list of Blog Post Ideas!
  40. Blogtober Recap!

I literally loved putting up this list. If only I had the time, I would write almost every blog post from this list! If you decide to use any of my ideas I would love to read your blog posts, so make sure to tweet me or leave a link below in the comment area!

Do you have more ideas for Blogtober posts? Make sure to leave a comment below!

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