9 Reasons Why Autumn is the best season ever

October 5, 2018

If someone would ask me what’s my favorite season I would immediately say, Autumn. I think you already know that… There’s just something magical about this season. From the leaves that change colors to the sweater weather, everything about this season is purely beautiful. So I decided to write down the reasons that I think Autumn is the best season ever. My fellow Autumn lovers grab a cup of coffee or hot tea because this will take a while!

The weather is neither too cold or too hot. It’s crispy.

Once the weather starts getting cooler it marks the beginning of Autumn and this is undeniably one of the best things about this season. It’s neither too hot and sweaty like the summer days, nor too cold to bare. Isn’t it just so refreshing when you step outside in the morning and you breathe that cool and crisp air?

Clothing gets cozier

The season of sweaters, jumpers, and boots. Nude and earthy tones, soft scarves, thick socks, hoodies, and leather jackets! It’s the season of the most comfortable yet fashionable clothes! It’s the season of layering! I wouldn’t trade the warm and comfy clothes with anything!

The best season to read books

I generally read a lot of books, but Autumn is the season that I read the most. It’s just because of all those cozy evenings at home, and the fact that you can’t go outside when it’s raining… It’s just this magical moment when you’re staying in on a cool fall day and just reading a good book while sitting by the window or by the fireplace.

Everything gets cozier and romantic

Snuggling under Cozy blankets, sitting by the fireplace, scented candles, delicious meals and desserts, everything smelling like pumpkin or cinnamon… Yeah, Autumn is definitely the Coziest season! There are so many amazing things to do in the Autumn and all of these have this feeling of coziness! The season of comfort and warmth!

Seeing the nature changing

If you look closely Autumn represents and embraces Change. The weather changes, the nature changes, our outfits change. Everything changes. Foliage is basically the most magical process of nature to ever occur. Trees bursting into red, orange, and yellow colors never gets old.

You enjoy warm beverages

The options are unlimited here. From flavored teas to flavored lattes and hot chocolate. And what’s even greater is that you can enjoy them every time of the day without a particular reason!

Halloween and Thanksgiving!

Okay, this one is mostly for the American friends of mine since we don’t celebrate Halloween or Thanksgiving in Greece. But as I’ve seen in many movies and social media each one of this celebrations has something special in it. All those decorations, and the food (or the Halloween snacks!)… But what I believe it’s the most beautiful about these celebrations is the fact that you are surrounded by the people you love.

The best food!

Soups, Banana bread, Pumpkin and apple pies, Caramel Apples, cookies, crockpot recipes… I could go on and on and on… Autumn is the best season to start cooking! There are so many amazing recipes available on Pinterest that will bring out the chef you’ve been hiding inside you! I think that this season you can eat the best food compared to the rest of the year.

It’s the best season for fresh starts

I think I relate Autumn with going back to school, and this is why it always feels like a fresh start to me.


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