There are those lazy days that I just want to snuggle on my sofa with my warm blanket and watch Netflix. I sometimes even dream of this when I’m at work. I’m the kind of girl that loves being cozy. I totally love it! But when it’s time to hit my bed and sleep I realize that I wasn’t productive at all, and this makes me feels bad. I don’t know if you can relate to this, but it leaves me “sluggish”.

Lately, I’m trying to be a bit more productive but the easy and fun way. So I’m sharing with you my little tips on that! Here’s a list of my favorite things to do instead of having a lazy afternoon!

 1. Cook something new.

I love trying different recipes. So whenever I feel bored, I check over the internet for about 5 mins (not more than that, or it will take forever to find the perfect recipe!), find a cool recipe with ingredients I already have, and heading over the kitchen.

Now if you want to spice it up a little you can choose a more difficult recipe or something you’ve never tried before, make a shopping list and be a master chef!

2. Try a DIY craft

Thanks to the creators of Pinterest, the options on this one are billions. Find something fun and be creative! Even for me, that I really suck on DIY crafts, there are some easy ones to have some creative time!

If you are not following me on Pinterest you can do it right here!

3. Visit something new

Depending on the day and time, of course, visit a place in your town you’ve never been in. Either a museum or a park. Again the options are quite a lot (depending on the town of course), so be an explorer and see something new!

4. Read a book

That’s an obvious one. Mostly I like to read before sleep, but if I feel lazy and I’m laying on the sofa already then I grab a hot chocolate and a good book. This way I turn the laziness in something good for me. You all know the importance of books right? RIGHT?

5. Do something for someone else

Help your friends-family with something they might need help. Isn’t it really productive when you help others? Go to the market, help them with the errands or even grab an ice-cream together! I bet they will appreciate it, and you will feel really awesome! It’s a win-win!

6. Have a mini-SPA

Oh, how I love those! Grab your favorite face mask, some cucumbers or potatoes for your eyes, fill in the bath with warm water and drop a bath bomb in it. Don’t forget to apply your favorite body butter to your skin before you finish! Treat yourself right! Because your body totally deserves some care and love!


I don’t really like the hard workouts, that require much time and effort. That’s why I scroll through Pinterest (again!) to find interesting and fun workouts. Last time I tried some Yoga and I loved it! It was something new for me. That’s why I encourage you to try new workouts so it will be fun for you and good for your body!

You have one of those lazy days again? Then this list is for you! A list with 7 fun things to do and kick boredom out of your life!

Alright, that was my list of the fun and cool things I do when I feel that “slugginess” is paying me a visit.

I hope next time that you will feel lazy, you will check my list! But now tell me about you! What’s your favorite thing to do to feel more productive?


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