I’m a total newbie when it comes to photography. I don’t even know what ISO means (i just hear everyone talking about it and this is why I’m mentioning it). I really want to be a great photographer one day, but this requires investing in a good camera, lenses, photography classes and time. So what do I use on my blog? Most of the time “Stock Photography”.
There are some great websites with a huge database of pictures that are free for commercial or personal use. When I learned about it I did a huge research for the ones that are more “blogging-friendly” and I could actually use on my blog. So this is what I’m going to share with you today. The best websites with Stock Photos that you can actually use on your Blog (and the ones I personally swear by!). Just keep in mind that each website has different “terms” for using their images, and you have to read them before you use them.

1. Unsplash

My absolute favorite one. I can actually find everything I want there! The pictures are totally blog-friendly. Sometimes you might find the picture you want in the first row of the search results!
There are some great collections of photos also, for everything you might be searching. Like Nature, Coffee, Health, Business, seriously guys… EVERYTHING!

2. Pexels

Pexels has it all! Seriously! If I’m looking for something specific, Pexels will have it for sure. Also what’s great about Pexels, is that you can select the size of the picture you’re about to download. This is a total life saver if you want to use it on Canva or on some Instagram picture!

3. IvoryMix

Kyla and James created a great website with a lot of free resources that can help you with your blog. Seriously, when I discovered this website I couldn’t believe all these were for free! Kyla is the photographer and, trust me, she’s really really good!

Great blog photography! If you’re a blogger, you will have to subscribe to this website! It’s a must!

4. Stock Photography – The Blog

I dream of taking pictures like these ones on the Stock Photography blog. This blog is all about photography for blogs. It has everything in there! Some really helpful posts and great “theme” collections of free photography. You should totally check it out.

5. Iso Republic

Iso Republic is designed for creative professionals! How I wish I had these awesome pictures on my Instagram feed. Seriously they are all just so beautiful! Also, the creators of this website created the Foodie Factor, a website all about free food photography!


These are the ones I use most of the time. Whenever I want to find something it will be in either one of these 5 for sure. But I always want to have some more options, just in case I will need something and I won’t find it (though it never happened till now).
So these are some other awesome free stock photography websites!

6. Pixabay

7. PicJumbo

8. Gratisography

9. StockSnap.io

10. Magdeleine

Bonus Website: Freepik – This is a bonus website that has every kind of Graphics you could imagine for free. Not only Stock Photography but also Vectors, PSD files, Icons,  Logos and more. I still haven’t discovered everything on this site, because it’s really huge!

I also want to state that this isn’t a sponsored post, I just wanted to share with you what websites I’m using to find awesome pictures, and maybe help you out too.

It would mean the world to me if you could pin this image so more people will know about these awesome stock photography websites! Also if you have any favorite free stock photography websites, I want to know about them in the comments!

Unless you're a professional photographer, taking pictures for your blog can be hard. This list of The Best FREE Stock Photography websites will save you!

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