• The easiest way to bring traffic to your blog is by Reviving Old Blog Posts. I came up with a strategy that helped me explode my blog's traffic!

    How to Revive Old Blog Posts and Explode your Traffic

    What does a Blog need to be successful? Well… Readers! Or in blogging terms… Traffic! What’s the point of having a blog if no one reads it? Well, of course, you might have your blog as a personal journal, or you want to share stories with your friends. That’s totally fine! But if you want to monetize your blog and “grow” it, you need Traffic. What Traffic exactly means though? Web Traffic is the amount of data sent and received by visitors to a website. If you can’t understand that right now it’s okay… I couldn’t understand it also in the beginning. Luckily Google is here to save the day with their…

  • I had the idea of this post because I wanted to be transparent and clear on what I use. I remember I hesitated when I realized I need to invest some money on my blog. And I bet a lot of you also do, especially If you don't have any money! In this guide, I'm talking about the only two things you need to start a Blog!

    A Broke Girl’s Guide on Starting A Blog

    I’m going to start this post with a throwback to early April last year. Little old me sitting in front of my brother’s PC trying to figure out what “Blogging” really means. I remember reading millions of posts, trying to understand how it’s FREE and how you can make money from it. After following the instructions in a “Start A Blog” post, I realized that Blogging is not exactly free… Back then I was broke (and unemployed) so immediately I felt overwhelmed. Luckily there were some really kind girls in a facebook group who explained to me that there are actually two options. 1. You can start a free WordPress.com blog but…

  • Unless you're a professional photographer, taking pictures for your blog can be hard. This list of The Best FREE Stock Photography websites will save you!

    The Best Stock Photography Websites For Bloggers

    I’m a total newbie when it comes to photography. I don’t even know what ISO means (i just hear everyone talking about it and this is why I’m mentioning it). I really want to be a great photographer one day, but this requires investing in a good camera, lenses, photography classes and time. So what do I use on my blog? Most of the time “Stock Photography”. There are some great websites with a huge database of pictures that are free for commercial or personal use. When I learned about it I did a huge research for the ones that are more “blogging-friendly” and I could actually use on my…

  • The Real Benefits of an Instagram Challenge

    As I said a few days ago the #30NovemberPieces Challenge starts today. Many of you might be wondering why to take part in an Instagram Challenge and how this will benefit you. So let’s break this down. First of all, an Instagram Challenge is something like an event. An event that you have to post some pictures of a certain theme under a certain hashtag. The rules of each Challenge can be quite different. On some Challenges, you have to post daily. On others, you have to post weekly or on a particular day of the week. Just make sure you know what are the rules and the topic of…

  • Explode your Blog’s Traffic with Facebook Groups

    Every blogger is blogging for a purpose. To improve the lives of their readers. Either you’re sharing your personal experiences, or tips and tricks for every different aspect of life, you have a big opportunity to help people and inspire them. And that’s a huge thing! But the internet world is huge right? So if you want to get noticed online and increase your readers and pageviews, you need to drive traffic to your blog.

  • What Bloggers can learn from Taylor Swift

    I admit it. I’m a Taylor Swift fan. And I’m not only a fan of her music, I’m a fan of her attitude. She’s a really powerful and successful businesswoman, yet she’s only 27. But I’m not here to make you fan of her. I’m pretty sure some of you love her, some others hate her and some don’t even care about her.