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    The Real Benefits of an Instagram Challenge

    As I said a few days ago the #30NovemberPieces Challenge starts today. Many of you might be wondering why to take part in an Instagram Challenge and how this will benefit you. So let’s break this down. First of all, an Instagram Challenge is something like an event. An event that you have to post some pictures of a certain theme under a certain hashtag. The rules of each Challenge can be quite different. On some Challenges, you have to post daily. On others, you have to post weekly or on a particular day of the week. Just make sure you know what are the rules and the topic of…

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    Explode your Blog’s Traffic with Facebook Groups

    Every blogger is blogging for a purpose. To improve the lives of their readers. Either you’re sharing your personal experiences, or tips and tricks for every different aspect of life, you have a big opportunity to help people and inspire them. And that’s a huge thing! But the internet world is huge right? So if you want to get noticed online and increase your readers and pageviews, you need to drive traffic to your blog.