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    9 Reasons Why Autumn is the best season ever

    If someone would ask me what’s my favorite season I would immediately say, Autumn. I think you already know that… There’s just something magical about this season. From the leaves that change colors to the sweater weather, everything about this season is purely beautiful. So I decided to write down the reasons that I think Autumn is the best season ever. My fellow Autumn lovers grab a cup of coffee or hot tea because this will take a while!

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    The Autumn Tag

    I have a confession to make. I’m obsessed with the “Tag” posts/Youtube Videos. I don’t know why but it feels like a personal interview, and I just love them! I really do. And I realized that I haven’t done any “Tag” post in my blog, so Blogtober was the perfect opportunity for that!

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    Basic Fall Playlist – Feel The Autumnal Vibes instantly!

    I came up with this playlist because I love autumn so much, and I just wanted to gather together all my favorite songs at this particular “season”. I wanted something to always play on shuffle and repeat on the background through my day. While I’m in the office, walking or getting cozy at home. This playlist has all the autumnal vibes in it. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do!

  • October feels like a fresh start to me. I feel productive, motivated and focused. So this year I decided to start the Blogtober challenge!

    Hello October!

    Goodbye sweet September and Hello October! One of my Favorite times of the year. Cozy sweaters are out, pumpkin spice is in the air, and days become crispy and cool. I don’t know why, but October always feels like a fresh start to me. It’s the month I feel the most productive, motivated and focused. So this year I decided to take advantage of it

  • So excited for this season! The coziest and spookiest time of the year! Delicious meals, amazing nature, Rainy afternoons... What do you love about Autumn?

    Things I love about Autumn!

    Technically Today is the first day of Autumn. I wrote this post in the morning but I scheduled it to go up exactly at 9:54 pm! Because this is the exact time that Autumn Officially starts! (In Greece’s timezone of course).

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    Life Update: Moving into My First Apartment!

    It’s been a while since you heard from me. If you read my last post about my birthday you already know how I feel about “growing up”. And… I’ll be honest with you. I had a lot of mixed feelings after my birthday and I needed some time to disconnect and clear my mind. After a lot of thinking I decided that I want to do something different. I wanted to make sure that the 23rd year of my life, will be a different year. A year of “growth”. So I tried to reevaluate my life, and change a few things to make my life better. And if there’s one…