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Affirmations are statements that program your mind to believe the statement you're saying. Soon enough you'll see your life changing if you use them right!
Positive Living

#MondayMotivation – Affirmations

Your thoughts create your reality. If you read the previous #MondayMotivation post, you’ll know why and how. I bet you all want a happy life right? So you need to start with the way you think. We all have been doing negative thoughts through our lives, and especially when we are in a bad situation, or when we have to deal with a problem. I’ve been doing this a lot in the past (and even sometimes now), but now that I know how the Law of Attraction works, I realized that with negative thinking you’re only going to bring more bad situations in your life.

What if I told you that there is a way to guarantee that you'll have an amazing future? Sounds too good to be true I know..But there is actually a way!
Positive Living

#MondayMotivation – Building your Best Possible Future

What if I told you that there is a way to guarantee that you’ll have an amazing future? That everything will go amazingly for you… That you will achieve everything you want and even more in every aspect of your life…

Sounds too good to be true… I know..

But there is actually a way!

On this #MondayMotivation I will dig into this way of “Creating your Best Possible Future” but I need to warn you that it’s not a really easy thing to do… And if it was easy everybody would do it… It’s something like a lifestyle change, like healthy eating. You need to constantly work on it… And the results are guaranteed.

What is the Ultimate feeling? What feeling brings along happiness, energy, the will to work, the will to become a better person and so much more amazing feelings? The answer is Love. Self Love. If you want to achieve anything in life, you have to start with loving YOU.
Positive Living

#MondayMotivation – Self Love

What every person in life wants? What every single person in the whole universe desires? Think about it for a moment. Sometimes I’m just sitting and trying to understand how life works. Why some people are happy and have this incredible energy while others are unhappy or depressed? Why there are things like bullying, like suicide, like crimes, like school shootings? Why when we used to be children we were ultimately happy (apart from the times we didn’t get this chocolate cake of course)? Why some people are more privileged than others? I know.. I’m wondering about a lot of stuff… But the question that stuck with me was…