Dear Instagram, time to be honest with you. I’d like to address a few things that are really haunting me. 2018 wasn’t really my year related to  Instagram. I only posted 13 pictures the whole year. About stories? Not so many as I used to.  Now you might be wondering why. I mean .. I really love you Instagram! You’re such an incredible platform that brings people together through amazing pictures/stories. But why I wasn’t active? Why I almost give up? Why I didn’t feel like posting anything?

Time to be honest about this whole Instagram issue.

How I started on Instagram

I started my Instagram account back in April 2017 along with my blog. I didn’t really know much about growing your Instagram back then. So I was looking for ways to grow, and one of them was the Follow for Follow threads on Facebook Groups. Yes, honestly, I participated in so many. It looked decent back then. I mean.. I was growing so fast! So many followers, so many likes! All I had to do was to participate in one of those threads!

It wasn’t long until I reached 2k followers (actually something more than that), but I didn’t have any great content… So I was getting followers and likes, but my content was crap!

Also, I didn’t have any readers from Instagram on my blog, and that was really weird! I mean… I had so many followers why no one was reading my blog?

Simply because no one cared. But I couldn’t see it back then. It wasn’t long until I lost my mood of posting, or even taking pictures. I mean… Why would I even post? For some random people that will just like my post for a like back? Even on stories, I didn’t have that much engagement. Only a few people that really cared about me, my blog and my content watched!

I was trapped to an account that I don’t like, an account that I “destroyed” from my mistakes, an account that was stressing me so much.

I really considered quitting. But this didn’t really seem right…

But what about The Blogging Tribe?

When I created The Blogging Tribe in August I focused 100 percent there. It was really exciting. A brand new Instagram account, quite different than my personal one. I really wanted to create something that brings people together. I knew there were so many amazing bloggers out there but they were just mixed with all those Thread-Freaks and it felt really messy to me. So The Blogging Tribe wouldn’t be like that.

I really focused on creating an account that will be based on bloggers. Sharing Quotes, discussing blogging, random questions, reposts… Something that I haven’t found on any other Instagram account. At first, I didn’t know how this will turn out, but I made a decision to not participate in random threads this time, no random people, just really inspiring and amazing bloggers. Simple as that. Didn’t care about the numbers, just about the quality of my tribe. And the results were amazing!

Right now we are about 450 people there and I just love each one of them! I enjoy my feed, I enjoy seeing them commenting, I enjoy liking their pictures, following their stories. It’s just so simple, pure and authentic. Exactly what my other personal account was missing.

And to be honest, comparing the 2k followers to 450, 450 actually feels way more than the 2k. So I don’t really think that numbers matter anymore. At least not to me. It’s all about the friendly vibe you get. Because as I say on the blogging tribe the blogging community on Instagram is HUGE and there are many amazing people out there willing to help you. All you have to do is to find them!

I swear this account changed my whole thinking. It inspired me in so many ways. Before that I thought Instagram was something dead, people are just buying followers, participate in those Instagram pods, and Facebook threads. No authenticity, just a “money” making game. A business. But with The Blogging Tribe, everything changed! I found genuine and kind people that just enjoy sharing their stories and support other fellow bloggers because they really want to, not because of some thread!

So… Dear Instagram, Can We Start Again?

Even if I enjoy posting on The Blogging Tribe, that’s not me. This is not my personal account, and I really love it this way. I mean… The Blogging Tribe is something completely different and I want it to stay this way. But I really want something mine, something personal. So I decided to start again. Without mistakes this time, just like I did with The Blogging Tribe. Taking it easy, slow and pure.

If you want to be part of my Instagram journey, I’ll be over @simply_apostolia. Please bear with me though, because I want to make sure that everything will be right this time. But I got a feeling that it will be truly amazing! I’m already so excited.

PS. Also, I’d like to say that the only reason I’m sharing all this with you, is because I promised you I’ll be transparent. And I really like that. I know that many people can relate to me, I mean most of us participated in those threads, and to be honest I’ve found a lot of people that I actually liked and still following like @clairebeary_94 which I absolutely adore. She actually did the same thing with me (to be honest I was inspired by her), started a new Instagram account!

I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. If I didn’t fail my first Instagram account, if I didn’t participate in those threads I wouldn’t be here today, discussing this. Instagram is such a great place to connect with amazing people, to get to know people that you wouldn’t in real life, to share our successes and our struggles. To motivate each other and inspire!  So if you ever felt like me or Claire, if you’ve done mistakes, if you don’t enjoy Instagram anymore, find what’s wrong and remember: it’s never too late to start again.

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