Blog Income and Traffic Report – February 2019

Even if we’re in the middle of March, I HAD TO publish this blog post.

You see, March wasn’t a fun month at all. It was really challenging. Both emotionally and physically. But I don’t want to talk about March on this post so I’m going to focus on my Blog Income and Traffic Report of February.

February was a great month for my blog since I’ve started blogging. The last couple of months my blog was left on its own fate. So I had to pick up the broken pieces and reorganize a lot of stuff. As you can see from my last month’s blog income and traffic report, thanks to Pinterest I was still getting some traffic.

My plan was to double my Pinterest traffic, repurpose some old blog posts, and post something helpful that would bring a few new people to my blog. And it actually worked pretty well!

One thing that I also always had in mind was this income report that I’m writing right now. I really wanted to push myself to its limits and reach the goals that I set on the last month’s blog income and traffic report. It was such a big motivation and I’m so glad I started doing reports again. It’s such a great way to measure your growth and push yourself to become better and better. I think I finally found something that works for me!

But let me explain a little bit more about these reports:

Why I’m doing Blog Income and Traffic Reports

  • Transparency – I will always be transparent with you, and especially with my blog. What I use, what I do, how I do it, how much money I make. Everything.
  • Sharing my journey with you – The road to success is not always a straight line. It’s more like a rollercoaster ride. And this is why I wanted to share my whole journey with you. Even through hardships, I never gave up and I never will.
  • Keep myself accountable – I’ve realized that when you publish your progress online somehow you want to push yourself to work even harder. Also, it will be awesome to have something to look back. What worked and what didn’t.
  • Motivate other bloggers – I really want to encourage others to try what worked for me and what didn’t, learn from my mistakes, and apply what you like to your own blogs.

February 2019 – Blog Income and Traffic Report

My February blog posts

  1. Blog Income and Traffic Report – January 2019
  2. 5 Things to try when you feel like giving up Blogging
  3. 4 Important Habits for a Happy Life

I didn’t post many things this month, but I tried to repurpose old blog posts and drive more traffic in them. But I paid so much attention to the blog posts above (except the income report) and I tried to make them as much detailed and helpful as I could and it turned out pretty well! People are loving them!

For March my goal was to focus more on my writing and publish at least 6 blog posts. But we’ve only got about half a month left, so it’s going to be hard. So my goal right now is to publish 4 blog posts until the end of the  month.

Traffic Report

Alright, I didn’t meet my goals exactly but I was pretty close! As I said before, it was a really great month for my blog. And if you think that February only has 28 days, I did a really good job!

I reached my 1.000 Users goal but not the 2.000 page views. I think I should put more links within my posts so people can stay longer in my blog. But since I’m getting most of my traffic from Pinterest, that could be hard. Because when you search something on Pinterest (at least that’s what I do. do you do it also?) when you find what you want, you just read the post and that’s it! Anyway… I’ll find something to fix this and I’ll share it with you! So don’t worry! (Also if you have any tips please comment below!)

As you can see Pinterest is my best friend! This month I started using Tailwind, and I can say it I’m already obsessed with it! It has a lot of features though so I still need to try a few things out. So far it’s been great though, I get so many analytics, I fixed a lot of my Pinterest boards, and my pins get so many shares! It’s really amazing! (I promise I’ll write a post about Tailwind in the future.)

Did I hit my February Goals?

2.000 Pageviews: 1.847 (so close!)

1.000 Users: 1.013 (yey!)

Traffic Goals for March


1.000 Users

I want to always focus on growth, but I was absent for so many days… Hopefully I can make it. And if not, I will still be happy with my results. I promise I’ll try my best.

Income Report

Google Adsense: 0.97$


There were no affiliate earnings this month.

Total Income of February 2019:  0.97$

I don’t really want to focus on monetizing my blog this month. I think I’m not personally ready for this. I’ll drop a few affiliate links from time to time but I’m not promoting them like crazy.

Again, this is my personal choice. If you want to monetize your blog, go ahead and do it! There are tons of articles online that will help you. But I’m not ready for this. I’m going to focus on building my foundational content first, and then I’ll go to the next chapter!

Did I hit my February Goals?

Make 5$: 0.97$ (nope)

Income Goals for March:

I don’t think I want to set a goal on my income yet. So I’ll leave this blank!


Facebook Ads: 9.89$ 

I promoted this post only because I wanted to try it out! Facebook ads are kinda cool, but I’m not really fascinated by them. I’m not saying it’s bad but it’s not amazing either. It was just okay.

Total February expenses: 9.89$  

Social Media Report

Pinterest – 937 Followers & 610k Monthly Viewers

Thanks to Tailwind I’m back to the Pinterest game! I rearranged my boards, I created more appealing pins, joined a few group boards and well… Tailwind Tribes! And here I am! Almost doubled my Pinterest monthly viewers. (Now that I’m writing this post I even surpassed that! Got almost 720k monthly viewers!)

So yeah… Join Tailwind guys!

Instagram – 190 Followers

You guys… I could never even imagine falling in love with Instagram again. Before it felt like a jungle to me. People judging, buying followers, the follow-unfollow game (which is still happening!), chasing likes, these picture-perfect lives, all the comparing… It felt really bad. So I’m really thankful I started this Instagram account all over again (here you can find out with more details) and I get to follow all these inspiring people! It turned out that it motivates me to post more and share more of my daily life and struggles with you. Hoping that March is going to be a better month and I’ll share more cool things with you!

Twitter – 2.799 Followers

So I did that huge Twitter declutter I was talking about, and as you can see, a lot of people unfollowed me (you thought the follow-unfollow game was only on Instagram? well.. no!). To be honest I don’t really care. Because Twitter is one of my favorite platforms to find new bloggers through hashtags and through Twitter chats. So as long as I find new people to follow, new blog posts to read, and chat with the people I want in my Twitter feed, I’m okay!


    Did I hit my February Goals?

Pinterest – 680.000 Average Monthly Viewers: 610.000 Monthly Viewers (nope! but still that’s huge!)

Instagram 150 Followers: 190 Followers (yey!)

Twitter – 3000 Followers: 2.799 Followers (obviously nope.)

Social Media Goals for March:

Pinterest – 1.000.000 Average Monthly Viewers (let’s go big!)

Instagram – 200 Followers (looks easy, but I told you.. .I don’t care much about Instagram numbers)

Twitter – 2.800 Followers (like Instagram, I don’t care about those numbers anymore)

You might be wondering, why am I even mention Twiter and Instagram since I don’t care about the numbers. Well, I think it’s good to keep track of your progress. No matter what’s going on. Either you’re gaining or you’re losing followers. It’s just something good to look back to.

The Blogging Tribe Report

The Blogging Tribe is part of my blog and my online presence I thought to share these stats here too. If you’re unaware about what The Blogging Tribe is you can learn more about this here.

Facebook Group – 902 Members

Instagram – 614 Followers

Twitter – 4.604 Followers

Did I hit my February Goals?

Facebook Group 800 Members: 902 Members

Instagram 600 Followers: 614 Followers

Twitter 4.000 Followers: 4.604 Followers

The Blogging Tribe, on the other hand, is growing at such a fast pace! It’s really amazing to see that people are actually like my idea of this community and they want to be a part of it! I’m beyond grateful for all of you lovely people!

Goals for The Blogging Tribe in March:

Facebook Group – 1.000 Members

Instagram – 650 Followers

Twitter – 5.000 Followers

As I said before, growth is growth. You should always set a goal and go for it. It doesn’t matter if you won’t reach it as long as you’ll try your best. And always have in mind to keep forward. One step at a time. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small one as long as you keep moving forward!


February was such a great month. I tried a few things, some failed, some didn’t. But to sum up, I got so many new traffic which is good, and I’m into the Pinterest game thanks to Tailwind!

March Goals:

  • Post at least 4 blog posts!
  • 1 million monthly viewers on Pinterest
  • 2.000 Pageviews!

This will be challenging. March so far has been one of the hardest months. I’ll really try my best to achieve my goals, but if not I will still know I’ve tried. Thank you so much for sticking around and reading this blog. I’m so happy I didn’t give up and I’m planning to keep pushing forward. I really want to make blogging my full-time job, and I know that I will achieve it some day. Just one step at a time.

If you have any questions or recommendations I’m all ears! I’ll gladly have a chat with you below in the comments.

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