Starting a blog is an idea that many people come up with. I remember when I first started my blog I was really excited and full of ideas, but along the way, I realized that it requires a lot of hard work to maintain. Soon enough I was feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. And I think most people struggle with that when they start a blog. Eventually, you start posting less frequently, you don’t have as much passion, and sooner or later your blog ends up an abandoned digital wasteland.

I’ve been there. A lot of times. I took long breaks from posting, not only because I didn’t have any ideas on what to write about, but also because of everyday life! I even considered giving up blogging just a few months ago!

Since I really don’t want to see this happening to your blogs, I’m about to share with you some of my top tips to keep your blog organized and manage it like a boss!

How to get your Blog Organized so that it doesn’t become a burden

Make a list of your running topics

In order to have a successful blog, you’re going to need quality content. And what I mean by that is helpful content. Readers will come to your blog because you may solve their problem or because they will get inspired through what you’ve been going through. You should always have this in mind. 

Of course, as bloggers, we have the opportunity to write and post about topics that we love. But we should always have our readers in mind.

What I like to do is to keep a list of my running topics. My two core topics are Blogging and Positive living. Then I’ve got sub-topics like Blogging Basics, Grow your Blog, The blogging Mindset for Blogging, and mental health, personal growth, happier life for Positive Living.

So whenever I’m out of ideas on what to post, I’ll go over my list, use one of my topics as a keyword on Pinterest, read a few blog posts and generate new ideas! I always go on Pinterest when I need some inspiration on what to write.

Create an editorial calendar

Crafting an editorial calendar for your blog is something that’s really going to keep your blog organized and you’ll be able to manage your content properly. And of course, you’ll be posting quality content on a consistent basis. 

What I like to do is to make a blueprint at first on a paper, and then I add my actual posts on my editorial calendar plugin. I do this process once a month and It works pretty well so far (except for this month that my daily life has been a complete disaster). Let me tell you a few more details on what works for me.

I created 2019 vertical calendars back in December for personal use (you can click here to download them if you want, I’ve got two versions of them, on with weeks starting on Monday and the other on Sunday). So I print the page of the month I want to plan, and I start filling the boxes/dates I want with categories at first. I don’t want to post too much Blogging related content or too much Positive living content. I’m trying to keep a balance. So after that, on the little notes section below the calendar, I write my blog post ideas and next to them how hard it will be to write this post. As an example: “Things I love about spring” would be around 40% difficulty to write. “How to create a more balanced life” would be like 75%. According to these percentages, I craft my actual calendar.

If you haven’t downloaded yet, here’s this amazing calendar I’ve found over the internet and it just changed my blogging life forever!

You’ll find it under your Posts, and it’s actually a calendar that works with drag and drop. On the right, you’ll see all your drafts that are still Unscheduled, and you just drag and drop the one you want on a specific date. If you want to create a new draft, just go over a specific date and add a new post! All that’s left to do is to edit your posts and schedule them to just go live by themselves!

Have a system

Systems are key to keeping your blog running and making sure you’re getting things done effectively and efficiently. For example, my system is: step one is writing my post, step two is editing, step three is formatting and adding my graphics, step four is checking my SEO, step five is proofread and preview and step five is publishing/scheduling.

Of course, I also make sure I’m storing and backing up my content, mostly images and excel files. I was using Google Drive for this, but it was kinda slow so I’ve tried something a bit different, the Templafy system, one of the best document management software out there.

It’s such a life-saver when it comes to organizing your files. Especially if you’re not working from just one single computer. I’m using my phone, my work’s computer and my laptop, so it’s great to have something that allows me to access all my files at the same time. Like when I want to post an Instagram story to promote a blog post, I have a few images ready that I’ve created, uploaded them on Templafy and have instant access on my phone. How cool is that?


A big part of staying organized is being able to automate things since there are only so many hours in the day, so using scheduling tools is a total life-saver. I don’t want to dig too much into this because I’m planning to write a specific post about scheduling tools, but I’ll tell you briefly what I use. Tailwind is what completely changed my Pinterest game and got me some consistent monthly pageviews, Recurpost for Twitter and Facebook, also TweetDeck for Twitter and last but not least, PlanOly for Instagram. 

Automating your social media is really going to save you a lot of time and stress. Just dedicate a few hours/minutes to plan them out. I like to do it once a week, but it’s completely up to you. Make a program on when you want to plan/schedule each social media, and find what works best for you!   

Sometimes trying to keep your blog organized is surprisingly hard and a little overwhelming. But if you’ll make a plan, and start working in a systematic way, you can make the most out of your Blog. Remember, no one had everything figured out when they started out. Even the most successful bloggers out there. They had to try a few things to find what works for them and what doesn’t. And so do you!

How do you keep your blog organized?

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