Blog Income and Traffic Report – January 2019

I bet you didn’t see that coming… did you? My last Blog Income and Traffic Report was back in April 2017 and not really much changed since then. I realize that this might seem strange to you… More than 20 months passed and nothing changed? Well, yes. Almost.

I vowed to be transparent to you since the beginning. And this is the reason I decided to write this post. I remember when I used to write those reports they were kinda like a monthly blueprint for me. Having your stats and your monthly goals published online pushes you to accomplish them and become better. So I guess this is going to be a monthly thing for me for quite some time.

Why I decided to start doing Blog Income and Traffic Reports again

Well here are the reasons I’m going to be doing those monthly reports.

  • Transparency – I will always be transparent with you, and especially with my blog. What I use, what I do, how I do it, how much money I make. Everything.
  • Sharing my journey with you – The road to success is not always a straight line. It’s more like a rollercoaster ride. And this is why I wanted to share my whole journey with you. Even through hardships, I never gave up and I never will.
  • Keep myself accountable – I have a few excel files on my laptop with my stats, but this isn’t the same. When you publish your progress online somehow you want to push yourself to work even harder. Also, it will be awesome to have something to look back after a few months and see my progress.
  • Motivate other bloggers – I really want to encourage others to try what worked for me and what didn’t, learn from my mistakes, and apply what they like to their own blogs.

This is the first Blog Income and Traffic Report in a while, and since I haven’t been much active on my blog it almost feels like I’m back in the beginning. So this particular Report will be something like the “base” of my future Reports. But enough with the chit-chat, let’s get right into it!

January 2019 – Blog Income and Traffic Report

Traffic Report

Alright, don’t expect to see huge numbers here. My blog was kinda abandoned for a long time. Even if the numbers are quite disappointing, I promised I’ll share everything so here we go:

Almost 1k Pageviews isn’t bad for an inactive blog right? Thank God for Pinterest, that is still bringing some traffic to my blog, and a few posts that I did a good job with SEO and I get some traffic from Google too. I think if someone else would see those numbers would definitely tell me “Girl you’ve got some work to do here!”. I know.

The way I see it, there are two ways to get traffic: Socials and Organic Search. Organic Search is all about SEO and Socials are mostly all about Scheduling, and Pinterest. So yes, I’ve got some work to do.

Good thing is that whatever works for me I’ll share it with you in the next Income Report so… it will be a win-win!

Traffic Goal for February

2.000 Pageviews

1.000 Users

I think it kinda looks realistic, right? Let’s see how this will turn out!

Income Report

Google Adsense: 0.38$

Well, I haven’t figured out how Adsense is actually working, so this is something I need to have a closer look. Ads are a perfect way to start monetizing your blog but so far I haven’t seen any great numbers from that (even when I had more pageviews). I guess I’ll have to be patient get some more traffic and switch to a better-paying Ad network such as AdThrive or Mediavine


Currently, I’m part of 3 Affiliate Programs and they are all products I’m using. (The links below are obviously affiliate links)

  1. Siteground – 0$ (Mostly because I didn’t promote it)
  2. Namecheap – 1.25$ (I don’t even know how this one happened)
  3. Mailerlite – 0$

As you can see, I don’t really get any income from my blog (yet!) but it’s not because I’m doing something wrong, I just didn’t make an actual effort to make some money. Hopefully, this will change, but this month I’m focusing on my traffic and not on making money.

Total Income of January 2019:  1.63$

Income Goals for February:

  • Make 5$

Seems realistic, and I think that if I focus on my traffic I might be able to make it just from AdSense.


In case you didn’t notice I bought a new WordPress theme, Spirit: 14$

I wanted to buy a theme because all the free ones were always missing something. So I did huge research for about 3 days to find something cheap but efficient, with a lot of features, fully customizable and sleek design. I think that Spirit was the best option, and to be honest I’m in love with it! 14$ are nothing compared to what it offers.

I also bought a template for the Unfold app for 2,38$. It was the FF1 to be precise. Film Frames 1 with 15 templates inspired by analog photography.

It wasn’t something that I really needed but Unfold makes your Instagram Stories looking more professional and elegant. And I just saw a bunch of people using the FF1 so I bought it too!

The last purchase I did this month was the Winter Wonderland Presets from Helene in Between for 15$. Honestly, this was the best purchase I did. Both for mobile and laptop version of Adobe Lightroom. Once you understand how to use them editing is so freaking easy. All of my Instagram pics are edited with these presets and honestly, they look amazing! Totally recommend these!

Total Expenses of January 2019:  31.38$


Social Media Report

This year I’m only focusing on the Social Media I want and I feel great using them, plus I believe they will actually help my blog. And these will be Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter. Just these three. Trying to use everything at once only caused me stress, and I was wasting so much time. So if you want to find me in Socials I’ll be over these three:

Pinterest – 890 Followers

I had my focus on my new Instagram and I left Pinterest behind. I have 340k average monthly viewers for now but I’m planning to double it this month. Pinterest is such a great platform to bring traffic to your blog and all you have to do is to be active (okay not only, but this is one of the most important things!)

Instagram – 105 Followers

Compared to my old account these followers actually feel like 1k. But to be honest, I’m not really impressed with the Instagram numbers anymore. I finally found joy using Instagram and it motivated me to work on growing my blog again just because of the people I’m following. If I could tell you one thing about Instagram this would be: Following the right people is crucial.

Twitter – 2820 Followers

Twitter is actually steady for now. I love the Twitter community. It’s kinda more realistic than Instagram. But I still need to do a huge declutter on my followers. I’m going to keep only the cool and fun bloggers that I can chat with, that I can relate with, and people that motivate me to work on my blog. I was thinking about creating a new Twitter account too, but I already follow a lot of cool people and I don’t want to miss those so… I’ll just have to declutter the people I follow!

Social Media Goals for February:

Pinterest – 680.000 Average Monthly Viewers

Instagram – 150 Followers

Twitter – 2900 Followers

The Blogging Tribe Report

The Blogging Tribe is part of my blog and my online presence so I thought to share my stats here too. If you’re unaware about what The Blogging Tribe is you can learn more about this here.

Facebook Group – 634 Members

How freaking cool is this!? When I first started I wasn’t really sure If we could hit 500 members yet here we are! What fascinates me the most though is the fact that people are ACTIVE. Something that you don’t really see in facebook groups anymore. Commenting, helping each other out with questions, struggles, sharing our wins, our goals. A TRUE Community with real engagement. And I freaking love this!

Instagram – 530 Followers

Instagram, on the other hand, is mostly serving as motivation. Motivating bloggers to keep going, inspiring quotes, shouting out amazing bloggers on Instagram and reposting beautiful pictures. What I mostly love about this account, is that it’s full of BLOGGERS. Amazing, inspiring and TRUE bloggers. (This community actually motivated me to create a new Instagram account and choose who I follow really carefully.)

Twitter – 3.875 Followers

Our biggest community so far. This month our Twitter account almost had 1,2 million Impressions! 11.300 mentions and about 7.5k profile visits. I see that the Twitter community really loves The Blogging Tribe. And I actually love the fact that so many people are sharing so many blog posts. It’s always the place I go to when I want to read some new blog posts, or when I need the motivation to write. You will find almost every kind of blogger there! To be honest I’ve never thought that a Twitter account can have that much impact.


Goals for The Blogging Tribe in February:

Facebook Group – 800 Members

Instagram – 600 Followers

Twitter – 4.000 Followers

To be honest I’m beyond grateful for the stats that The Blogging Tribe already has. I just wrote these goals down just to always have in mind “growth”. But I’m satisfied with my progress even if I don’t meet these goals at the end of February.


This month’s Profit: -29.75$

INCOME: 1.63$

EXPENSES: 31.38$


This month I only published 2 blog posts. “Hello, 2019.” and “Dear Instagram, Can We Start Again?”. They both are chatty blog posts. I didn’t focus on growing my blog this month. But I came up with an action plan for the next months and I’m quite confident that I will see some progress.

February Goals in general:

  • 2.000 Pageviews & 1.000 Users
  • Pinterest – 680.000 Average Monthly Viewers

These are my two priorities for the month. Of course staying active on Social Media and publishing quality blog posts are my goals too, but I want to focus on my Pageviews and my Pinterest more.

I’m freaking optimistic and I’m 100% sure that 2019 will be the best year for my blog. I feel super motivated and to be honest I actually loved writing this Blog Income and Traffic Report. I feel great that I have a base and something to start building on.

Also in case you didn’t already know I’m such a freak about organizing stuff, and reports and excel files, so the fact that I get to share this with you makes me feel even more excited! Actually, I would recommend this to everyone! Do monthly reports, set some goals and crush them! Slow and steady steps and you won’t even imagine the growth you’ll have in like… 12 months from now!

If you have any questions I’m all ears! I’ll gladly have a chat with you below in the comments.

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