Blog Income and Traffic Report – March 2019

It’s that time of the month again, that I sit down with my laptop and I’m sharing with you my accomplishments and my failures of the month. In other words, this is my Blog Income and Traffic Report of March!

Well… what a month! I really don’t know how to begin writing this post. So I think I’ll say a few words about this month in general. If you’re not interested you can skip this part.

A small Recap of March

Honestly, this was one of the most difficult months of the last few years. Right at the beginning, March 2, at around 2:00 am I’ve lost a good friend of mine from cardiac arrest. It was something really difficult for both me and John because everything happened so quickly. He was really young (32 years old), he seemed to be healthy, we saw him just a few hours before he passed away and we just couldn’t deal with it. I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t think clearly and even at this moment that I’m thinking of him I get emotional. You know how I try to find the good in every situation, so the good in this situation was the valuable lesson that he taught me. Life is really short and you never know when it’s going to end so live every single moment like it’s your last!

A few days after that, I got sick. And I haven’t been this sick for like 2 years I think. I had the stomach flu along with a terrible cold and I was laying in bed for like a week, not being able to do a single thing. After I recovered, our car broke down on the exact day I was getting my salary and we had to pay around 300$ to get it fixed so… yes that was the third strike.

But wait! There’s more! John got two days off after working for like a month without a day off, and he woke up with terrible pain on his chest and we freaked out immediately because we were afraid he would have a problem with his heart. So after some really stressful days and a lot of medical exams, everything was fine. The pain was muscular and because of the exhaustion.

Thankfully the last week of March was quite peaceful, so I could work and focus on my blog.

Now… you might be wondering why I’m sharing all these to you and especially on this report. Let me explain…

From the moment I started blogging, I vowed to myself that I’ll be transparent and that I’ll share everything that happens on this journey, both good and bad. You see, life is not perfect. And we often forget that, especially now that we live in the world of social media. I know that this post should be dedicated to my blog, but the truth is that my real life affects my blog. My mental health affects my blog. Everything I do 24/7 affects my blog. So I feel that I should include that. Because this month I struggled a lot to write, I struggled with posting on social media and almost everything related to my blog felt overwhelming!

And if you ever feel like me, don’t try to fight that. Just take a few days off, hit “pause” and try to re-evaluate your goals. It’s normal! We’re human beings and as I said before life is not perfect. But giving up is not an option. Just try to adjust to the circumstances and always have in mind “WHY” you’re doing this!

Enough talking! Let’s get to that Blog Income and Traffic Report!

Why I’m doing Blog Income and Traffic Reports

  • Transparency – I will always be transparent with you, and especially with my blog. What I use, what I do, how I do it, how much money I make. Everything.
  • Sharing my journey with you – The road to success is not always a straight line. It’s more like a rollercoaster ride. And this is why I wanted to share my whole journey with you. Even through hardships, I never gave up and I never will.
  • Keep myself accountable – I’ve realized that when you publish your progress online somehow you want to push yourself to work even harder. Also, it will be awesome to have something to look back. What worked and what didn’t.
  • Motivate other bloggers – I really want to encourage others to try what worked for me and what didn’t, learn from my mistakes, and apply what you like to your own blogs.

This is my third Blog Report, and I have to say that they work perfectly (at least for me). I haven’t seen that much progress in my blog since I started and I’m pretty sure it’s because of these reports. Sharing with you my goals makes me want to crush them even more! I feel motivated to try different things and share them with you! I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them!

March 2019 – Blog Income and Traffic Report

Blog posts Published for the month of March

I did it! 4 posts this month, even if it was a hard one. I think this will be my “base” from now on. Publish at least 4 blog posts each month. I think it’s a great number of blog posts to have as a base when you don’t have much time to dedicate to your blog. Well, also depending on your niche.

What I found really helpful, was planning the month ahead. I printed the “March” page from my calendars and tried to set up a schedule of when I should have each blog post ready (I’m actually talking more about how I organize my blog on the post above!)

Traffic Report

We hit 2k Pageviews everybody! As you can see at the beginning of the month I didn’t have that much activity, but I tried to focus on my Pinterest towards the end of the month and with a little bit of help from Tailwind I crushed my goal!

Every single morning I was going to my Google Analytics just to see that Pinterest brought so many new people to my blog. Honestly, Pinterest is one of the best tools to grow your traffic out there. I’ve seen so many bloggers talking about how much of a difference Pinterest makes and I just couldn’t believe it, I couldn’t understand how. Until I saw it with my own eyes. (I also bought an e-book but I talk more about it in the Expences below!)

I’m planning to write a blog post about Pinterest in the future, with everything that I use, my strategy and how you can use Tailwind (even for free) to drive traffic to your blog!

So.. Did I hit my March Goals?

2.000 Pageviews – Crushed it!

1.000 Users – Crushed it!

Traffic Goals for April

3.000 Pageviews

Like, is this even possible? Well, I’ll try my best! I already have a few things in mind that I have to try (apart from Pinterest) so I’ll share them with you in my next Blog Income and Traffic Report!

Income Report

Google Adsense: 13$


I’m actually part of the affiliate links below, and they are all products that I’m using. I know there are tons of affiliate programs out there, but I just think that when you’re overpromoting it starts to feel overwhelming at some point, so I’m sticking with the affiliate programs of the services and products that I’m actually using. (The links below are obviously affiliate links)

Siteground0$ (Mostly because I didn’t promote it)

Siteground is the host that I’m using and I couldn’t be more satisfied with them. When I was thinking about moving to a self-hosted website I was overwhelmed with all the options that are out there, so I did huge research, I asked people about their hosts, I’ve tested their websites and what felt more reliable and “value-for-money” option was Siteground. But what won me over was their customer support. I didn’t know a single thing about self-hosting and what they actually provide, I didn’t know how to set up my website, how to access my c-panel and all those techy stuff. So their customer support guided me through every step of the process (and now that I look back I was so annoying with all those questions) but they were the most helpful people! Seriously Siteground has the best customer support and no one can deny that.


Most of the hosting providers out there offer you a domain name along with your hosting plan. But I’m a really organized person, and also since hosting and a domain name are two different things, I decided to buy a domain name separately. (Also, it was cheaper!) So if you want to buy a domain name, Namecheap is your service! Again it’s one of the best options out there (and actually more “value” than money!).

Mailerlite – 0$

My mailing list provider. I know a lot of you go with MailChimp or Convertkit but since I found Mailerlite I’m not considering any other email provider. (Maybe sometime I’ll try Convertkit but I think it’s too expensive!) I didn’t really like Mailchimp, I actually found it more complicated than necessary, especially for someone that starts crafting a mailing list. I’ll be honest, the whole mailing list system is a little bit complicated. You need to dedicate time, to test it and see how it works. But what I love about Mailerlite is that they have so many free guides (even with videos!) that guide you through the whole process! And also it’s free until 1.000 subscribers which I believe it’s really good when you’re starting out!


I’m actually new to the ShareASale affiliate program, and I’m still learning how to use it, but it looks really promising. ShareASale is like an affiliate market that has many products/brands you can work with (if you get accepted of course). Last month I got accepted by Tailwind, but I still don’t know how to use it properly so we’ll have to wait and see!

What I did this month

I dedicated a whole day to my Google Adsense account, to see which ads are working and which are not. What is performing and what isn’t. I picked the ads that are performing the best and kept only them. I also read a couple of blog posts about Adsense so I could understand the platform better, and from what I see it worked really well!

Total Income of March 2019:  13.51$

Did I hit my March Goals?

Make 5$ – Crushed it! (that was actually a February goal but still…)

Income Goals for April:

Make 20$ (slow and steady!)


I was hoping that this month would be a no-spend month for my blog since my finances weren’t really good (in general) but I decided that every month I should invest a small amount of money to my blog learning process. As technology evolves every single day, blogging also evolves and you actually never stop learning no matter your niche/profession. So I bought a Pinterest Ebook from Ana – The She Approach and it’s called “The She Approach To Making Pinterest Possible” which is a 170-Page E-book all about making Pinterest work for you. It has all the detailed strategies to up your Pinterest game no matter what stage you are, and she also offers you two video trainings on how to create stunning Pinterest graphics that convert (like mine a few paragraphs above!) and how to keep your Pins safe. It costs 35$ but I feel that it was a really good investment.

Total Expenses of March 2019:  35$

Social Media Report

Pinterest – 1.023 Followers & 840k Average Monthly Viewers

Instagram – 192 Followers

Twitter – 2.744 Followers

Alright, let’s start with Pinterest! I didn’t reach 1 million viewers, but even though 840k is still a great number! This month I actually focused on promoting the Pins that had the most link clicks, so I could drive more traffic to my blog… And it worked! I’ve realized there are quite a lot of Pinterest strategies out there, so you have to test and try a few things until you find what works best for you. Still, Tailwind was a great helper!

About Instagram and Twitter, I wasn’t much active on these platforms. I was just posting a few updates from time to time on Stories because I didn’t have much time and well… I didn’t feel great to post anything else. This month I’m about to change that. I’ll focus on sharing more of my everyday life on Instagram, tips, and tricks and well… interact more with you guys!

Did I hit my March  Goals?

Pinterest – 1.000.000 Average Monthly Viewers – Nope! But I still love the 840.000 I’ve managed to reach!

Instagram – 200 Followers – Nope! I reached 192 (so close!)

Twitter – 2.800 Followers – Nope! 2.744 Followers (I need to start working on this platform I guess…)

Social Media Goals for April:

Pinterest – 840.000 Average Monthly Viewers (maintain that!)

Instagram – 250 Followers

Twitter – 2.800 Followers

As I always say: “Slow and steady!”

The Blogging Tribe Report

It was a weird month for The Blogging Tribe, as I decided to take a few days off posting towards the end of the month. Even though most of the posts are scheduled, I couldn’t find the energy inside me to schedule, so I just took a few days off. (If you’re unaware about what The Blogging Tribe is you can learn more about this here.)

Also! I started reposting daily on @thebloggingtribe and so far it looks really cool. First of all, I just love all the pictures you’re tagging us and you’re using the hashtag too (#thebloggingtribe) and I just had to do something! Also, the feed looks so much better with your pics in it and I can see that you’re loving it. (In case you’re wondering, I set up daily alarms so I won’t forget about reposting!)

Did I hit my March Goals?

Facebook Group – 1.000 Members – Nope! – 979 Members and it was so close!

Instagram – 650 Followers – Nope! – 646 Members and this one were so close too!

Twitter 5.000 FollowersCrushed it! 5.112 Followers!

Goals for The Blogging Tribe in April:

I think that I’ll stop setting follower/member goals for The Blogging Tribe, at least for now. I believe that our community is on a really great level, and of course, new members are always welcome, but I’m going to focus on interacting more with you and posting more quality and helpful content. We are a Blogging Tribe after all! If you want to join you’re more than welcome!

March in a nutshell

March was a tough month. Even though I crushed a lot of my goals, I didn’t really enjoy it. But I got a feeling that April will be my month! I can’t say that I tried a lot of different things for my Blog, but I focused once again on Pinterest, my number #1 traffic stream, and I strongly believe that this is a really easy way to drive traffic to your blog!

What also worked for me, and I highly recommend that, is taking a few days off. I took a couple of days off the last week of March because everything felt so overwhelming and meaningless. And from your responses on my Instagram stories, a lot of you feel that way too. So in my days off, I realized that it’s super easy to get distracted and forget your main goal or your dream. What I did was, writing down what exactly I want to do in my life and I crafted an actual plan of how am I going to accomplish my goals and what I can do differently, try new things out of my comfort zone, anything that could work! I also made a weekly time-schedule to maximize my productivity (something like daily blogging routines) and changed a few things on my lifestyle too. Like, I fixed my morning routine, started reading more every single day, and started using affirmations again! Simple things that actually make a huge difference!

Anyways, I’m really excited about April, I’ve got a lot of things to look forward to, and I got a feeling that this is going to be my best month so far this year!

April Goals:

  • 3.000 Pageviews
  • Master my Social Media
  • Post more quality Content in general!
If you have any questions I’m all ears! I’ll gladly have a chat with you below in the comments.

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