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Your thoughts create your reality. If you read the previous #MondayMotivation post, you’ll know why and how. I bet you all want a happy life right? So you need to start with the way you think. We all have been doing negative thoughts through our lives, and especially when we are in a bad situation, or when we have to deal with a problem. I’ve been doing this a lot in the past (and even sometimes now), but now that I know how the Law of Attraction works, I realized that with negative thinking you’re only going to bring more bad situations in your life.

A few months ago, back in April, I visited my father. We live in different cities because of my parents’ divorce so I can’t see him regularly. My father helped me the last few years to change my life drastically by using and understanding the Law of attraction with simple tricks. When I visited him I was in a really weird “emotional” state, and I was comparing myself to others continuously. Especially for my body image and my blog career. So he introduced me to the power of affirmations.

He started with a really simple example. Let’s say that you want to become a great athlete. What do you need to do?

  1. Maintain a good physical condition.
  2. Practice. Consistently and repeatedly.
  3. Find your “why”, so when times get hard, your “why” will still drive you towards your goal.

These 3 things are something like the “formula” for success. Not only for athletes but for almost everything in your life. In the Law of Attraction, this “formula” is the Practice of Affirmations. They make sure that you’re in a great physical condition (thinking positive), you have to use them daily and when you use them you experience your desired feelings and that is your “why”.

But what Affirmations are exactly?

Affirmations are specific statements that help you overcome negative thoughts and create new thinking patterns in the brain for positive mental, emotional, and physical changes. They are pretty powerful when you’re totally focused on them and the feelings you get. They create a pretty incredible vibration for everything you want to attract in your life.

Affirmations work because they program your mind to believe the statement you’re saying. As I said in the last #MondayMotivation post, all our beliefs, reactions, and thinking patterns are in our subconscious mind. So when you repeatedly use an affirmation, you add it to your subconscious and it becomes a belief. Soon enough you’ll see your life changing, and your subconscious will make sure to keep reminding you of your beliefs every time something comes up.

What do you want in your life?

Since Affirmations are pretty powerful, I wanted to make sure I’ll use them right. So I sat with my father and wrote a list with the things I really want in my life. This was my list:

  • Love
  • Happiness
  • Health
  • Confidence
  • Success
  • Money
  • Peace and Balance

I think these are the things that everyone wants in their lives. When I saw that they are 7, I immediately thought “one for each day of the week!”. Then with a little help from Google and Pinterest, I created 7 affirmation cards. Today I’ll share with you some of my affirmations and how I use them. What’s really wonderful about this practice is that you can create whatever affirmation you want. Whatever makes you happy.

When I was writing down my affirmations for my cards, I instantly felt so much happiness. Like I already had all these “things”. I can’t explain to you the way I was feeling. Like I already had everything! So I decided to use each card for every day of the week. I dedicate every day about 10 minutes in the morning and sometimes when I’m in the office (for a little mood boost) to read my card out loud and focus on each affirmation. Or when I feel a little bit sick I’m using my “Health” card more, or when I need a confidence boost I’m using my “Confidence” card. Feel free to create your own cards. Be creative!

Love – Monday

– Apostolia I love you. I accept you exactly as you are and I applaud you for everything you’ve achieved so far.
– I love every inch of myself.
– My heart is overflows with joy and pure love.
– I give love and I receive love. And I can feel it deep within my soul.
– I am a powerful human being and I strongly believe that the universe brings in my life relationships full of love, respect, and support.
– I find love wherever I’m going. Life is so freaking beautiful.
– I love being around with people that bring out the best version of myself.
– I love having fun and laughing out loud in every relationship I have in my life.
– I deserve to be loved.
– I’m a human being full of Love and Happiness.

Happiness – Tuesday

– I attract moments of happiness every day in my life.
– I’m grateful for everything that life has offered to me until this very moment.
– Every day I’m becoming the best version of myself!
– All is well in my world. Everything is working out for my highest good.
– I can easily create the beautiful life that I want.
– I’m so grateful that I already have everything I need in my life.
– I live a life with purpose.
– I’m a positive person and I’m attracting only positive people in my life.
– I see the good in every person around me.
– I love finding happiness at every single moment of the day.
– Everything is perfect at this very moment.
– I’m so grateful that I’m getting back from the universe everything that I generously offer to this world.

Health – Wednesday

– I am Strong. My body is strong. My spirit is strong.
– Every day I’m becoming stronger and healthier.
– I chose to live a healthy and positive life.
– My body is strong, flexible, balanced and full of energy.
– I fall asleep easily, sleep through the night, and wake refreshed.
– I take care of myself and I love every inch of my body.
– Every part of my body manages its tasks easily and naturally.
– My immune system is a powerful, intelligent, dedicated protector of my body.
– I am grateful for my healthy body. Peace flows through my body, mind and soul.
– I am grateful to be alive. It is my joy and pleasure to live another wonderful day.
– I always feel good. As a result, my body feels good and I radiate good feelings.
– I breathe deeply, exercise regularly and feed only good nutritious food to my body.
– I feel wonderful!

Confidence – Thursday

– I’m an important person. I positively contribute so much to the world.
– I’m a unique and unforgettable person.
– People love me. I’m a very likable person and people want to be around me.
– I accept myself as a unique and worthy person.
– I have unlimited power inside me.
– I have so much to offer in this world.
– I live in the present and am confident of the future.
– I believe in myself and in everything that I can achieve.
– I have the power to choose how to live my life.
– My positive energy overflows and impacts all the people around me.
– I’m unique human being. There’s no competition. I’m who I am and I LOVE MYSELF.
– I know myself very well, and I know that I can achieve everything. I can confidently say that I’m a “colorful, magical and positive” human being!
– I am unique and that’s my Gift to the world.
– Apostolia, I’m so proud of you.

Success – Friday

– I always make the right and positive choices in my life.
– I deserve to be successful and I’m determined to live a successful life.
– Every day I’m becoming the best version of myself.
– I’m so proud of everything I have achieved so far, and everything that I will achieve in the future.
– I love achieving all my goals.
– I can achieve everything I imagine and everything I can think of.
– I believe in myself and I have unlimited opportunities to achieve everything I want in my life.
– I easily attract success, happiness, and wealth in my life.
– I attract people in my life that will help me achieve my goals
– I’m productive. I have incredible energy inside me and I love organizing my life.
– I’m grateful for all the opportunities that come in my way.
– Wonderful things happen in my life all the time and I’m so grateful for them.
– I’m capable of turning my dreams into reality.
– People love to work with me.
– The more successful I become the more people I help.
– In my life and in my work come only positive opportunities and positive people. Everything works amazingly.
– I’m absolutely passionate about my work and my business and this reflects out in the world.

Money – Saturday

– My income is constantly growing.
– The perfect opportunities come to me and I’m ready for them.
– I’m a successful businesswoman.
– I deserve to get paid well for my talents and my knowledge.
– I easily attract sales and the perfect customers.
– Success, Money and Happiness comes easily to me.
– I love making money both actively and passively.
– I love working and get paid well for it.
– My business gets better and better every single day. My income is constantly increasing.
– I can work from wherever I want, whenever I want and with people that I want to work with.
– I’m a money magnet. Money comes easily to me.
– I have everything I need including wealth, and I’m grateful.
– I constantly find new ways to increase my income.
– I live with confidence and safety because I know that I deserve wealth and living a comfortable life.

Peace and Balance – Sunday

– I have the control of my life.
– I have the control of all my choices.
– I’m absolutely calm and relaxed.
– I’m safe and secure.
– I’m calm. I release from my body all the worries, the tension, and doubts.
– I love how peaceful and balanced are all the moments of my life.
– I’m balanced. My spirit and my body are balanced and grounded in the earth. I’m calm and strong. I release the fear and I trust that I’m absolutely safe.
– I enjoy all the happy moments of life with a calm and peaceful heart.
– I love the vibration and the balance of nature and I can easily connect with it.
– Every negative thought that comes into my mind I just let it go away and I immediately focus in the present and in beautiful positive thoughts.
– I’m balanced with my inner world, my body, my spirit and my mind.

The Power of Affirmations

As I said before the beauty of Affirmations is that you can create your own, exactly as you want them. Write them down. Search the web for inspiration and create your own affirmation cards. It’s important to write them down because you’re much more focused when you do. Dedicate some minutes of your day to your affirmations. Be present to each and every sentence. To every word that comes out of your mouth. Feel it deep inside your heart, Believe it!

We are all here in this world for a reason. We have this amazing life full of opportunities, full of amazing experiences and amazing people. I refuse to believe that we just appeared here. Every thought that you have, every dream came to you for a reason. You deserve the best in life, for you and for the people around you. So take this opportunity, grow, learn and manifest your life! You have the power, you have the knowledge, many people did it before you, so use what you have in order to become the best version of yourself.

This is going to be my last #MondayMotivation post (for now). My plan from the beginning was to write 4 posts with everything I’m using to live a positive and happy life. I hope I motivated or even inspired a few people to change their lives because we all deserve a happy life. We really do. Next week I’m going to publish a post with some inspiring quotes from these 4 #MondayMotivation posts so you can pin them or share them to inspire and motivate more people.

Do you use affirmations in your daily life? Tell me about it in the comments! Also, I would love to know your thoughts on the way I’m using the Affirmations. Would you be interested to start this habit too?

Affirmations are statements that program your mind to believe the statement you're saying. Soon enough you'll see your life changing if you use them right!Affirmations are statements that program your mind to believe the statement you're saying. Soon enough you'll see your life changing if you use them right! Affirmations are statements that program your mind to believe the statement you're saying. Soon enough you'll see your life changing if you use them right!

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