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Hello Monday, we meet again!

What a weird day. Some people love it and some people hate it. I used to be on of the “haters” for quite a long time. Not long ago I realized the beauty of this day. Monday is a fresh start. Think about having a whole NEW week right in front of you. This my lovelies is an opportunity.

Monday for me is the most important day of the week. If you start your week the right way, the rest of the week will follow. That’s why I decided to start a series of #MondayMotivation posts. In these posts we are going to talk about positive things, to begin our weeks the right way TOGETHER. Because Together is always better.

I decided pretty fast what this #MondayMotivation will be about. It’s about the most crucial thing we need to have in order to achieve our dream lives.


So what exactly is Gratitude?

Gratitude is one of the purest feelings.

Just close your eyes for a moment and think about a thing you’re truly grateful about. It could be your dog, your favorite song, your partner, your family, your favorite food (I mean pizza is life right?) or an amazing moment that you felt truly happy. Just think about how grateful you’re about this particular thing. Focus on it for a few seconds. Do you feel this warmth in your heart? Did you realize you’re smiling? Oh, I really love this smile. It’s a pure, happy smile.

You see Gratitude is a magical feeling. It’s impossible to bring amazing things into your life when you’re not grateful for what you already have. As Louise Hay says, the universe loves gratitude. The more you’re grateful for the good stuff in your life, the more good you get to be grateful for. It’s like somebody gives you a present and you’re like “Oh my God I hate that color and it’s not really my taste”. That person will never give you another present. I know this example is a bit weird but you should be grateful for everything you have in your life. Good or Bad. And once you realize that, your life begins to change.


If you didn’t know already I live in a small village. People in here are the most ungrateful people I’ve ever known. They keep complaining about stuff. And some of these people are members of my family. I remember having a conversation with my cousin about a month ago and she told me that she has nothing to be grateful for. She was complaining that she didn’t have a job since Christmas, she was complaining that she was arguing with her father all the time and not long ago she started having some health issues so she was complaining about them also.

You see this is something we all do. Talking about our problems is one of our greatest addictions. But what exactly we will gain from this? Absolutely nothing.

When I told my cousin to stop complaining about her problems because the only thing she’s getting out of it is more problems, she was looking at me like I’m some kind of alien. But what really blew her mind was when I told her that she should focus on things she’s grateful for instead of her problems. Her answer was exactly “But I have nothing to be grateful for!” And she started naming her problems one by one all over again.

When I was fighting with depression I was also saying that. I can totally understand why she felt this way. And probably some of you might also feel like my cousin did. But this is completely false. And below I’m going to list the reasons you should be BEYOND grateful for, just like I did with my cousin.

1. You’re here in this world. You’re living. Your heart is beating and you don’t have to do a single thing about that. It’s freaking pumping blood into your veins so you can be ALIVE.

2. You’ve come this far, you’ve overcome every obstacle you’ve been fighting in the past and you’re here. Reading this.

3. You have some amazing people in your life. Some to make you happy and some to give you valuable lessons.

4. You’re able to see all these amazing colors in this world, you’re able to see the mountains and the sea and enjoy the nature. All these with your eyes!

5. You’re able to smell the rain. You’re able to smell the grass, the trees, the flowers.

6. Your parents. No matter what, if it wasn’t for them you wouldn’t be here. They are the ones who gave you life.

7. You’re able to think. You’re able to have all these freaking conversations in your head. You have a powerful mind that makes you who you are.

8. Your mistakes. Every single one. Yes, you read right. Those mistakes helped you become who you are today. They made you wiser and shaped your character.

9. Your body. You’re living in this body. And you’ve been together since the day you were born. You grew together and knows you better than anyone else.

10. The nature. Trees, mountains, lakes, rivers, the sea. Everything that makes this world prettier. You’re able to witness all these miracles and you should be beyond grateful for them.

This list could go on and on and on. There are billions of things you should be grateful for. The internet that lets you connect with people around the globe, the cars that take you safely from one place to another, the airplanes that give you the opportunity to travel the world, the house you’re living in, the device you’re reading this. All these things were given to you. You didn’t have to invent electricity so you can make coffee. Someone else did it before you, so you can enjoy it today! And this is something you should be beyond grateful about.

My cousin was looking at me like I was some kind of alien again, but this time she knew I was right. All these things above, she was taking them for granted. She almost forgot about them. And a lot of us do. So what I told her to do was that every time she felt sad or disappointed about something or even angry, to take a few breaths and shift her mind into thinking about all these amazing things she should be grateful. In the beginning, it was hard. I told her that every time she couldn’t handle it herself she should call me and I would help her, I would remind her plenty of things to be grateful for. And let me tell you something, It worked beautifully for her. She got a new job last Friday, she focused on the good things in her relationship with her father, and we found another doctor that could help us with her health issues, but so far she’s focusing on the good things about her body.

Moral of the story? Be grateful. If you want to change your life, if you want to become successful, if you want to go after your dreams and be truly happy, start with a grateful heart. Quit complaining, quit judging, quit sad and miserable thoughts and add GRATITUDE in your life. I promise you’ll see miracles happening. I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, but you can always ask for help. You can also keep this post in your bookmarks every time you need a little boost.

How to add Gratitude to your daily life?

Our everyday lives can be stressful. We all have busy schedules, but gratitude is such an important thing and we all should add it to our daily lives. So I thought I could share with you some tips that work for me.

1. Add Gratitude to your Morning Routine.

The moment you step out of bed, say “Thank you” out loud. You’re awake, you have a brand new day waiting for you, and that’s a huge thing to be grateful about!

2. Keep a Gratitude Journal.

You can either use a little notebook next to your bed or just use an app on your phone (I use this one). It really helps you to stay on track and focus on the good things that happen every day.

3. Make a Gratitude Collage.

Just add everything that you’re grateful for in this Collage. It could be the people that you love, your family, your dogs, happy moments… Just add everything that makes you smile when you look at it. This also works as a mood booster. Every time I’m not feeling really well, I turn to my Gratitude Collage and reminiscing moments. It really helps me to feel better.

4. Say “Thank you!” more often.

Next time the waitress brings you your lunch make sure to let her know that you really appreciate that. Or when the postman brings you your mail. The delivery boy that brings you the stuff you ordered from the internet. The customers who chose your services over someone else’s. There are a lot of people that serve us every day and we should let them know how grateful we are for them. It could make their day and definitely bright up ours.

These 4 habits are not really hard to follow, and I can guarantee that you’ll see many things changing in your life within only a week! I use them daily for about a month now and I can say I feel so much more present in everything I do, and way happier than I used to be. Because I know I have everything I need and the most important thing: The ability and the strength to work hard so I can make my dreams come true.

I would love to know your Gratitude habits or your Gratitude “tricks” in the comments below! I’m also adding some quotes that you can pin if you want to keep them as a reminder on your Pinterest!

I decided to start a series of #MondayMotivation posts, talking about positive things, to begin our weeks the right way TOGETHER. Because Together is always better. This #MondayMotivation will be all about Gratitude.I decided to start a series of #MondayMotivation posts, talking about positive things, to begin our weeks the right way TOGETHER. Because Together is always better. This #MondayMotivation will be all about Gratitude.I decided to start a series of #MondayMotivation posts, talking about positive things, to begin our weeks the right way TOGETHER. Because Together is always better. This #MondayMotivation will be all about Gratitude.

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