Choosing a name for your Blog is one of the biggest challenges when you are starting your blogging journey. Or when you want to restore your old Blog. The only way to find your Blog name is your creativity. So put your imagination to work, grab a paper and a pen and let’s start!

Wondering how to come up with the PERFECT Blog Name? This guide will take you step by step to find it out!

Name Categories

The first thing you need to decide before you start searching for a name is whether you will use your real name or not. You can use your real name exactly as it is (Like this lady here: Cara Loren) or with some other word like I did (Simply, apostolia!)

In this case, your Blog becomes more friendly and personal. However, many people don’t feel comfortable using their name on the internet, so naming their Blog after them wouldn’t be an option.

If you are one of these people (which is totally normal!), you can use one of the most popular name categories: Keyword Names. These names are directly related to your Blog and your Niche. For example: NerdFitness (you immediately understand that it’s about Fitness), FarmVilleDirt (yes, you got it right, a FarmVille Blog), ThePoorTraveler (most likely budget traveling), HelloFashionBlog (fashion, what else?), FreshMommyBlog (and here we have a new mom).

As you can see, when you have a keyword name, readers can easily understand the Niche of your Blog. Also, it helps search engines (like Google) find your Blog easier.

“Rules” of a Blog Name

Since you choose your name category, you have to remember few simple “rules”. Not really strict rules, but they are more like characteristics.

A Blog Name should be:

  1. Short. (3-4 words max!)
  2. Simple (Try not to use complex and confusing words)
  3. Easy to say and write. (If it’s easy to say and write, someone can remember it easily!)
  4. Good Looking. (Well that is required!)
  5. Easy to remember. (Facebook was supposed to be TheFacebook. Which one of these two is easier to remember?)
  6. Without numbers and dashes.
  7. Unique! (You are unique! You must have a unique Blog Name!)
  8. Legally “clean”. (You have to check on Google if there is a Blog or website under that name, so you don’t put the same. You really don’t wanna mess with the copyrights)

Quite a lot right? I know… I know… I used to be so stressed and overwhelmed when I had to decide my Blog name, back then. Sitting in front of my computer, thinking that so many people will see my blog and that it had to be perfect! And it was going to “stamp” me forever and ever, and I couldn’t change it in the future (well, you can change your name, though I don’t recommend it). Not to mention that I wanted to do this for years! How it is even possible to choose something now for the rest of my life?

If I could turn back time to that day and could find that stressed Apostolia, I would tell her that she NEEDS to calm down, because all these are true but without clear mind and focus, she wouldn’t achieve anything. Not only she wouldn’t find a name, but also she would get a headache!

So if you are like that, relax! Sit back on your comfortable chair or on your sofa, get a coffee and …

Let’s find the Perfect Name!

I want you to get that pen and paper I told you above (remember?) and let’s play the “Name Finding Game”!

In this game, we’re making 6 columns.

  • A column for the Colors. Why not use your favorite color in your Blog Name?
  • A column for your Niche. If your Niche is going to be fashion, add words like Beauty, Style, Chic, etc. Anything related to your Niche. If your Niche will be Health & Fitness, add words like Healthy, Workouts, Fresh, etc.
  • A column with General Words, mostly about your personality. For example: Miss, Lady, Girl, etc. If you are a mom you can add words like Mommy, Mama, etc Whatever you think it “suits” you.
  • A column. This website has tons of synonyms for every word you can imagine. So if you are stuck and you can’t think of other words, go to and search few of your words you already have on your list. You ca write down any word you like from the search results.
  • A column inspired by the Music you’re listening to. That should be fun! Write down any phrase, or word, or idea comes to your mind when you listen to your favorite songs. “Blue Jeans” from Lana Del Ray for example!
  • A column inspired by Pictures! Mostly that can be done through Pinterest. Actually, on Pinterest (if you don’t know it already) you can find everything! So let’s say you’re looking for pictures with the “Fashion” tag, which is your niche, and words like Casual or Girly comes to your mind.

Your piece of paper could be like this:


Name finding Aggliko-page-001.png

Now that you’ve finished with your columns, and you filled them up with your ideas, I want you to highlight the ones you like the most. Or the ones that represent your Blog idea the most, like I did on the picture above.

And now it’s time for you to get creative! Make combinations with words that match with each other, and write them down! Or any other idea for a Blog Name that might come to your mind.

It’s Clean Up time!

Read those names. Loud. You have to hear your voice saying them. It’s totally different when you see it written than when you hear it. Keep what you like and start “eliminating” those you like the least. So, slowly you will end up with 4-5 names you like the most.

Now, talk with some people you trust and you know that they will answer honestly. Tell them your ideas, your Blog’s Niche and ask them for their opinion. Getting a second or third opinion might help you see things from another perspective that you normally couldn’t see. Of course, the decision is yours, so keep in mind that it is only an opinion.

Important: Keep in mind that at some point your mind could feel like “jello”, so take a break. You can continue later, or even the next day. Finding a name isn’t something that happens overnight. The name of your Blog is your identity. Something creative. And creativity needs time! Even for me, that “Simply, Apostolia” is something really simple, it took me 2 weeks to decide it!

A name with confidence

The most important thing is to feel good with your name. Because if you feel good and you think it represents what you are doing, then your readers will love it too.

Do not be afraid to use something unique or something different from other Bloggers. I’m sure that even those who thought the “Google” was a bit worried at first. But look where Google is now!  Or what about Facebook? Face and Book. For real? And yet there are almost 2 billion registered users!

Remember! Your Blog is something yours! Something that makes you feel beautiful (otherwise you wouldn’t spend time on it). So relax and enjoy it! This is the only way to find the Perfect Blog Name!

I can’t wait to read your name ideas in the comments! And for you that already have a Blog, what do you think about your name? How did you pick it?

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