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    Growing up feels scary…

    I don’t really know how to write this post, because I already feel these mixed bittersweet feelings and I can’t…

    August 3, 2018
  • Affirmations are statements that program your mind to believe the statement you're saying. Soon enough you'll see your life changing if you use them right!
    Positive Living

    #MondayMotivation – Affirmations

    Your thoughts create your reality. If you read the previous #MondayMotivation post, you’ll know why and how. I bet you all want a happy life right? So you need to start with the way you think. We all have been doing negative thoughts through our lives, and especially when we are in a bad situation, or when we have to deal with a problem. I’ve been doing this a lot in the past (and even sometimes now), but now that I know how the Law of Attraction works, I realized that with negative thinking you’re only going to bring more bad situations in your life.

    June 18, 2018