• Lifestyle

    22 things I’ve learned this year

    Holy Moly! 22 years on the Earth! Time flies so fast. It feels like yesterday when I was hiding behind the curtains while playing hide and seek with my mom.  I was really thinking this was the best hiding place ever. This day always makes me look back, and do a recap of my life. Just like seeing a short movie.

  • Positive Living

    “One more light goes out…”

    Last night I was sitting in my yard with my brothers and my mom. That’s when my younger brother Pit, told me that Chester Bennington from Linking Park was dead. At first, I didn’t believe him, then I saw that it’s everywhere on the internet. I was shocked. I don’t like this kind of posts, but I grew up listening to Linkin Park’s songs.

  • Blogging

    How to Find the Perfect Name for your Blog

    Choosing a name for your Blog is one of the biggest challenges when you are starting your blogging journey. Or when you want to restore your old Blog. The only way to find your Blog name is your creativity. So put your imagination to work, grab a paper and a pen and let’s start!

  • Blogging

    The ONE thing you need to do before starting a Blog

    After reading the definitions of blogging, it’s time for you to start you Blogging Journey. I guess there are thousands of thoughts running through your mind right now… What should you Blog about? Well, I can’t answer that, but for sure I can help you figure out a few things, and find your Niche.