This is like a little road map to my blog.

I started blogging back in April 2017 when I became unemployed. Oh how I’ve changed from this day…

My first post was a small introduction. Gosh I was so sceptical about what my first blog post should be. After some suggestions though from my facebook friends I went with what felt right for me. An introduction!

About a month after I started blogging I got a full time job as an insurance agent.

Also I wrote my first month’s “income” report! That was something huge for me to celebrate!

In the summer I decided to share some of the things that worked for me from the beggining of my journey in the Blogging World. You guys loved the “How to pick a Name for your Blog” post the most! Also I shared the one thing I did before starting a blog and my Blogging Dictionary (which is almost a copy from my real notebook)

It was in the middle of August when I decided to move to a self-hosted WordPress Blog and I’m so glad I did. It’s just so freeing!

The post that I hesitated the most about hitting publish was when I shared with you all my battle with depression. It was pretty hard for me to talk about all these in public, but i’m so glad I did.

My first post that went viral and I had no clue how I did it! (Thank you Pinterest Gods!)