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    9 Reasons Why Autumn is the best season ever

    If someone would ask me what’s my favorite season I would immediately say, Autumn. I think you already know that… There’s just something magical about this season. From the leaves that change colors to the sweater weather, everything about this season is purely beautiful. So I decided to write down the reasons that I think Autumn is the best season ever. My fellow Autumn lovers grab a cup of coffee or hot tea because this will take a while!

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    The Autumn Tag

    I have a confession to make. I’m obsessed with the “Tag” posts/Youtube Videos. I don’t know why but it feels like a personal interview, and I just love them! I really do. And I realized that I haven’t done any “Tag” post in my blog, so Blogtober was the perfect opportunity for that!

  • So excited for this season! The coziest and spookiest time of the year! Delicious meals, amazing nature, Rainy afternoons... What do you love about Autumn?

    Things I love about Autumn!

    Technically Today is the first day of Autumn. I wrote this post in the morning but I scheduled it to go up exactly at 9:54 pm! Because this is the exact time that Autumn Officially starts! (In Greece’s timezone of course).