9 things I love about Spring

Hello Spring! The time has come to officially say goodbye to Winter and welcome Spring! If you know me, you might already know that I’m an Autumn lover. Autumn is my favorite season and it will always be but spring has a whole different vibe and I actually like it!

So I thought it would be really fun to welcome this new season, with a blog post of the things I love about Spring. I know many of you will agree with me on most of them, but I would love to know what are your thoughts!

9 things I love about Spring

1. The Weather

Spring’s weather is just perfect! It’s almost like Autumn but without the rain and with more sunshine. How cool is it to step outside without tons of layers on and not freeze to death? I just love those warm, sweet breezy days. Neither too cold nor too warm, the weather in spring is ideal!

Also can we please talk about the fact that we can finally have the windows open so that the fresh air will fill your home with those spring scents. It’s so refreshing and instantly changes my mood.

2. Nature

Flowers… Flowers everywhere! After a few months of snow (or rain!) beautiful flowers in blossom start popping up everywhere you go! The trees also are looking greener like they are using some vibrant Instagram filter. I think the whole of Nature in spring is like an Instagram filter. Not to mention the cherry blossoms. I bloody LOVE cherry blossoms! It’s like the first sign of spring. They immediately put a smile on my face. It’s too beautiful and pretty amazing how Nature can just reborn like this.

Also, Sunsets and sunrises! All those bright colors, turn the whole sky to a magical painting! I just spend as much time as I can to just stare at them. A true gift from nature.

3. The Scent

Spring has that particular scent, that when you smell it, you immediately know that it has arrived. The floral scent of the air during spring strolls. The Lilacs that you can just smell them from meters away and you try to breathe so deep to just take it all in… The smell of freshly cut grass. Everywhere you go you can smell the scent of spring. And nothing compares to this smell.

4. Beverages

It’s time for cold beverages! The switch from hot coffee to iced for me “marks” the beginning of spring. Even if I kinda cheat on those gloomy-rainy days with a hot latte, still iced coffee is my beverage to-go! Also, iced tea, lemonade, colorful cocktails with fruits (either with alcohol or not!)… There are too many options out there! And if you just scroll through Pinterest, you’ll find so many amazing recipes to try.

5. The first ICE CREAM

For as long as I can remember, spring means ICE CREAM. I even used to count them when I was a kid and then compete with my friends in school. I just love this sweet frozen creamy dessert! Of course, I’m not counting them now that I’m older, but I still love grabbing ice cream with John and just stroll around the streets, or sit by the sea. #itsthelittlethingsinlife

6. Fruits and Veggies

I’m not really a huge fan of fruits and veggies but when it’s spring for some reason that’s all I want to eat! Especially now that I’m in my own place, and there are so many amazing recipes out there… all I want is to cook! Stuffed peppers, green beans (greek style!), spinach pie, moussaka and many more! Not to mention all the fruit! Strawberries, cherries, and well… pretty much everything because it’s the only time of the year that I eat fruits! (well… summer too..)

7. Easter

In Greece Spring means Easter. Traditional Orthodox Easter. I know that you might not celebrate Easter, or you don’t celebrate it like us in Greece, but it’s something that has been with me since I was a little kid. I love how all the family gathers together and celebrate. I love to bake traditional easter cookies and buns with my grandma, and generally the whole preparation for the Easter day celebrations.

I don’t want to dig into the religious part of this holiday, but Easter comes with a fasting period of about 50 days before the actual Easter day and you’re not allowed to eat any kind of meat or dairy. It’s something like going vegan. Most of the times I’m trying to do this as a challenge and as a detox for my body. And it’s something that I combine it with spring. I’m already 10 days into it, and I actually feel really good. It’s like spring cleaning your body!

8. Being Outside

As much as I enjoy being inside and feel cozy, Spring is the season that will drag me out of my house. I enjoy taking long walks, grabbing a coffee or lunch and just sit outside. I even enjoy walking to work more this time of the year. I put on my headphones, put on my “Mood-Booster” playlist and just walk like I’m staring in a music video. Also, it’s the perfect time to sit outside in those cute coffee shops and work, or just enjoy your iced coffee.

9. The Colors / The Vibes

Spring has a particular vibe and I think the best word to describe that vibe is “Colorful”. Nature turns into that vibrant green! That brilliant blue of the sky, the sunshine that makes you feel the loveliest warmth and makes your soul smile, pastel colors everywhere (clothes, nails, sunsets, flowers).

Everything turns colorful in the Spring. Even your wardrobe! I’m not a fan of the vibrant colors in clothes, but when it’s spring, I just want to wear every single color! I can’t explain it. I guess it’s just the “vibe” that makes everyone feel the happiness that spring brings along.


Alright, that’s all for me. I think I actually like putting together those lists with what I love about each season. What always amazes me is that each season has a different vibe… A different feeling. And they all fade in and fade out so smoothly… I don’t know.. I guess the older I get the more I appreciate those gifts of nature called seasons and the different things they have to offer.

So … Spring… WELCOME!

What’s your favorite thing about spring?

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