Two Years of Blogging – 8 Things I’ve learned so far

Happy blogging birthday to me! I can’t believe two years already passed. It’s crazy! It’s been a hell of a ride… Something like riding a rollercoaster. So many ups, so many downs… But now that I look back I feel so proud of my little blog, which is not so little anymore! I’m so proud of my creation! It helped me grow so much as a person, learn so many things, and discover parts of myself I never knew that existed.

Last year I didn’t “celebrate” my blog’s birthday… Mostly because I wasn’t active. And to be honest, I struggled a lot with consistency. And a thousand more things… But I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world! So for today, I’m going to write down the most important lessons I’ve learned through my Blogging Journey.

The Blogging Community is amazing

When I first started I didn’t know a single thing (okay maybe I knew some codding, but I didn’t know what I was getting myself into). But what I could never even think of is that there are so many other bloggers out there that are willing to help you, to support you and encourage you right when you need it.

I’ve made so many blogging friends from every corner of this world and if I didn’t have my blog I wouldn’t meet any of these people! I will be forever grateful for all the blogging pals I’ve met these two years… Maintaining and running a blog can be a lonely process. But you’re never alone. There are so many amazing bloggers out there, who share the same struggles with you, the same wins with you or the same passions. People who can help you learn and grow… Your Blogging Tribe! (see what I did there? If you’re not a member of The Blogging Tribe yet… join here!)

Blogging requires a lot of work & time

I’ve learned this the hard way. A few days after I started my blog I found a great day job and I just had to go for it. I remember back then I had a notebook and I was writing down everything that I had to do related to my blog. And there were A LOT of things that needed to be done. Especially in the beginning.

Honestly, most of the times, it felt overwhelming and I was taking long blogging breaks… I even considered giving up and I’m so glad I didn’t. I vowed to myself that I will find a way to create balance in my life, and well I did! But that doesn’t change the fact that Blogging requires you to work on a consistent basis, like any other work.

Don’t try to juggle everything at once

Social Media (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter), E-mail list, Blogging Maintenance (plugins, techy stuff, installing themes, customizing them), interacting with your audience, promote your content on the internet, actually creating content… and many MANY more. This is how my to-do list used to look like and I remember all the stress it was causing me! But of course, this is the wrong way of doing things.

Sure, there are many things that need to be done, but if you are not organized, and if you don’t have a program you won’t accomplish anything. So take one step at a time. Make a time-table. Set realistic deadlines. Focus on 3-4 goals per month.

Think about Blogging as a project. There are many things to be done, but you go step by step! It’s exactly the same thing, with the only difference that Blogging is a lifetime project! (depending on your goals!…)

Take some time off

The blogging process left me feeling overwhelmed a lot of times. Especially when I had struggles in my personal life, I was forcing myself to “work on the blog” (which was a terrible mistake!). There were many periods of time that my blog was left on its own fate… From weeks to months… And now that I look back it was completely wrong. Balance is the key to everything in life including Blogging.

The last few months I decided that every Sunday will be my day off. And it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! It helps me to clear my mind, think about my goals and just relax! I think it’s essential for every person to hit “pause”. As the years go by our lives become busier, and that’s terrible for both our mental and our overall health. So take some time “off”, focus on doing something that you really enjoy and I promise you will feel more energized and motivated than ever!

You won’t be successful overnight

If you think that you’ll start making money right in the beginning, you’re wrong. As I said before Blogging requires a lot of things and it could easily get chaotic. But I’ve recently learned that if you focus on doing ONE single thing that will benefit you and your blog every single day, 365 days from now you’ll have a completely different and better blog!

And I think that applies everywhere. Whatever you want to do in your life, or you’re passionate about, focus on improving your skills every single day. Slow and steady steps. And in about a year you are going to be one of the best on your field.

You’ll fail. A lot.

If I had a dollar for every time I failed at something and for every time I broke something on my website, I would be a millionaire already. But what blogging taught me about failures is that you have to embrace them and actually seek them. Because every time you fail, you learn a lesson. Actually, most of the things I’ve learned about blogging have been through my mistakes.

For sure, online courses and e-books will help you but you have to try a lot of things and find what works best for you. The whole Blogging process is about failing and learning from your mistakes, and sharing with the world what you’ve learned… This is how we evolve!

Every blog is unique, just like you!

Lately, I keep reading the same question over Facebook and Twitter.

“There are too many blogs out there already! Why even try?”

And to be completely honest, I was thinking the same way in the beginning. But after a couple of months, I’ve realized what’s so cool about the blogging industry. Every blog has a different vibe and every blogger has a unique voice, a unique story to share, a unique point of view, just like every person in the world. You never know who you might inspire by sharing your story. Who will relate with you and feel like chatting with a friend while reading your blog. You never know who you might help just by sharing how you do something.

There are a million bloggers out there. We all know that. But most of us can’t realize that.

Every day I find new people to follow on Instagram and Twitter. People I’ve never bumped into online. And I know that I will never stop discovering new people online.. because there are millions of people out there! For sure I won’t relate to everyone, but that’s what’s amazing with the Blogging community. Finding people that inspire you, people that you can relate to, people that will help you become a better person and live your best life! And you might be one of those people! The world needs YOUR voice!

Blogging is a BIG life lesson

I remember the day I sent my blog’s link to my dad and how proud I felt that I have created something from scratch all by myself. I felt so confident! During the process, I fell in love with it. I was so passionate about writing, about connecting with inspiring people from every corner of the world. I felt like this is what I want to do for the rest of my life! And you know what? This my goal.

I know that it’s going to be hard, but now I have a clear vision of what I want to do in my life and I get so excited every time I think about it! I could never imagine that I would find something that I’ll love doing so much and I would dedicate the rest of my life on it. When I was younger I thought I would become a lawyer or a teacher just because of the salary and also because many people do this.

Back in high school, I could never imagine that traveling the world was a thing. I always thought that I would live in Greece for the rest of my life. Now I want to see everything! I could never see myself being able to talk with people from New York, from Edinburgh, from Sydney and almost from every city in the world! And not only that, we all share the same dreams, the same struggles, we help and encourage each other! How BIG is that?

So yes, Blogging is a big life lesson. It actually changed my whole mindset about life. It widens your horizons. You meet people from every corner of the world that you wouldn’t come across in real life.

It teaches you a lot about yourself too. How you deal with the comparison, how you deal with negativity, how you survive through hardships and it kinda brings the creativity out of yourself.

I will be forever grateful that back on April 14, 2017, I started this journey that would actually change my whole life.

And it’s all Thanks To YOU!

Of course, I’m also beyond grateful for all of YOU that make everything possible. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for your support and the love you guys give me. You read my stories, you give me advice, you share with me your own point of view and you really warm my heart. You’re the “fuel” of this blog and I can’t thank you enough for all the support these last two years.

Writing this post made me so emotional. I love celebrating successes either big or small, but now that I put down in words everything that I’ve learned these two years I realize what a BIG success this is. Thank you so much for reading this. Thank you so much for being part of my journey. And above all, thank you for helping me find my life’s purpose! It’s been two incredible years. Here’s to many more! And the best is yet to come! Xx

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